Lewis Black

My brother took me out on the town last night for a “Brothers Night Out”.
We saw Lewis Black live. We went out to eat before the show and then off to the show.
It was great to get out of the house and forget about my spina bifida for a while.
I even had my picture taken with Lewis Black. He signed my cane! 🙂
It was a night I will never forget.

Tethered Spine

My spinal cord has been hurting. It feels like someone has their hand on my spinal cord and is pulling straight up on it.
I have seen my spina bifida doctor and they did x-rays. I have an MRI scheduled for August 30th. I will know if it is tethered then.
If it is tethered, the doctors said surgery would not be an option for me since I can walk. It would be too dangerous to operate on someone’s spinal cord who is able to walk.
The doctors put me on neurontin and it is helping.

Crappy day

Woke up this morning with a burst colostomy bag. It was all over me.
Showered and cleaned up. Put a new wafer and bag on. Then tonight, my urostomy began to leak urine. I had just put a new wafer and bag on my urostomy yesterday. I guess it did not take. So I had to change that out.
Some days are bad and some are worse. Some days are actually good though.

Feeling Blah

I have been depressed lately.

I saw my psychiatrist and she upped my Zoloft and Abilify. Hopefully that will help. When I worked, I looked forward to going to work Monday thru Friday and then looked forward to the weekend. Now, though, everyday is Saturday which sounds fun but it isn’t. I have nothing to look forward to. My colostomy and urostomy both leak at times when I am sleeping. I wake up wet or worse sometimes. Thankfully, that does not happen often. I try to make sure I change out my wafer before it weakens. If my wafer is weak, the urine or feces takes the path of least resistance. I must keep a strong wafer on my both my colostomy and urostomy. A strong wafer is the key to keeping ostomy’s in good working order.