Another Hospital Visit

I recently was admitted into the hospital for a bowel blockage.
They called in the surgical team because they thought they would have to perform surgery to fix it. The surgical team absolutely did not want to perform
surgery because I am extremely scarred up in my abdomen. The surgeons said
it would be a 12 hour surgery to repair the blockage and it may kill me. So I layed in the hospital bed while the surgeons came up with a plan that did
not involve cutting me open. They put that tube down my nose that sucks everything out of your stomach. I was awake while they put it in me and it hurt. I gagged and about threw up. They then poured milk of magnesia and magnesium citrate down the tube and into my stomach and turned the suction off. While they were waiting on the concoction to work I had several x-rays and scans. finally, after a day or so, I cannot really remember, the concoction worked and the obstruction was cleared.  All together I spent 6 days and 5 nights in the hospital. I am not to eat any “leafy” vegetables anymore and I have to peel any fruit I eat so I don’t eat the skin.

As I get older, things are getting harder and harder everyday.

All together I was diagnosed with: Bowel obstruction, sepsis and a UTI.

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