I remember it like it was yesterday.
I got up at 8 a.m. On a Sunday. This was not like any other day though.
I had a craving. A craving for a banana split. I thought to myself, “I don’t care for banana splits. Why am I craving one so badly this morning”?
It seems like I should be craving eggs, bacon, flap jacks or at least something that you would eat in the morning.
I put my shorts on and drove to Wal-mart. I got vanilla ice cream, bananas, chocolate and caramel toppings, cherry toppings, the little sprinkles that you sprinkle on top of the ice cream. I hate to admit it but all in all, it cost 40 dollars for the banana split. I bought other items to go with the banana split making my total grocery bill, 60 dollars.
I drove back home thinking, “I need to call Tony and tell him what I’m doing”. Tony loved banana splits. Heck, Tony loved sweets but he especially liked things like banana splits. “With all the toppings I bought, I bet Tony would drive up here to Huntsville to enjoy a banana split with me”. I then remembered that Tony was sick. I had talked to him last night and he had a migraine. He sounded horrible. I remember that I forgot to tell him “I love you” before getting off the phone.
I got home and hurriedly unpacked everything. I got my bowl out and made the biggest banana split that I’d ever made. It was delicious! My mouth was sticky because of how messy it was. I finished one banana split and made another! “Tony would love this, I’ll call him this afternoon and tell him, he will probably feel better then”.
Tony was my brother but he was like a best friend to me.
It was now 9:30 in the morning and I had ruined my breakfast!
I was feeling sick myself from pigging out and I went to lay down.
By the way, I’m a bachelor and when you’re a bachelor, you can do things like this.
I put the T.V. On the History channel and got back into bed to take a nap.
At or around 12:30 my phone rang. I let it ring too. I was still a bit sick from my early morning breakfast. The phone call went to voice mail. The phone immediately rang again, this time, I answered. It was papa and he said, “An ambulance is taking Tony to the hospital. I’m at his house and I found him unresponsive”.
I replied, “I’m getting in the truck now and heading that way!”
As soon as I hung up the phone, it hit me, “Tony’s dead”, I thought to myself.
The day had been so weird and I felt something, something that told me that Tony was dead.
Before leaving, I text-ed a friend and told him that I had to go to Birmingham and could he check on Max, my dog. He asked what happened and I told him I think my brother has died. At the very least, he is at the hospital.
I arrived at the hospital at around 2:00 p.m.
I found out that Tony was in fact dead. He had a massive brain hemorrhage and had died instantly.
I will not go in to everything that happened at the hospital.
To this day though, I wonder if Tony was somehow, enjoying that banana split with me.
Maybe vicariously.

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