Another Hospital Visit

I recently was admitted into the hospital for a bowel blockage.
They called in the surgical team because they thought they would have to perform surgery to fix it. The surgical team absolutely did not want to perform
surgery because I am extremely scarred up in my abdomen. The surgeons said
it would be a 12 hour surgery to repair the blockage and it may kill me. So I layed in the hospital bed while the surgeons came up with a plan that did
not involve cutting me open. They put that tube down my nose that sucks everything out of your stomach. I was awake while they put it in me and it hurt. I gagged and about threw up. They then poured milk of magnesia and magnesium citrate down the tube and into my stomach and turned the suction off. While they were waiting on the concoction to work I had several x-rays and scans. finally, after a day or so, I cannot really remember, the concoction worked and the obstruction was cleared.  All together I spent 6 days and 5 nights in the hospital. I am not to eat any “leafy” vegetables anymore and I have to peel any fruit I eat so I don’t eat the skin.

As I get older, things are getting harder and harder everyday.

All together I was diagnosed with: Bowel obstruction, sepsis and a UTI.

Holidays 2016

My family and I made it through the holidays this year.

After losing, Nana in 2005, my brother in 2010 and my nephew in 2015, Christmas just isn’t the same anymore. It is a day by day thing just to get through it. A lot of prayers to Jesus. A lot of talks to Jesus as a matter of fact.

Tonight is New Years Eve, we are having a family and friends get together tomorrow with all the traditional New Years foods. We will be serving: Turnip Greens, Black-eyed peas, pork roast, turnips and rutabagas, cornbread, iced tea and desert. After that, the holidays are over and the new year can begin. I do look forward to seeing family and friends and not having to exchange gifts etc.

I am also going to church in the morning with my family. I also went before Christmas for the candle light service and to take communion. I have been clinging close to Jesus and plan on continuing it.

Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour. My Father in Heaven. My King.

I try to talk to him instead of traditional prayers that he hears all the time.

Do not get me wrong, I still pray. When Peter was walking on water towards Jesus, he began to sink, he didn’t say a prayer to stop him from sinking. He screamed out, Jesus! Help me! I’m sinking! I try to take this approach at this point in my life.


Lewis Black

My brother took me out on the town last night for a “Brothers Night Out”.
We saw Lewis Black live. We went out to eat before the show and then off to the show.
It was great to get out of the house and forget about my spina bifida for a while.
I even had my picture taken with Lewis Black. He signed my cane! 🙂
It was a night I will never forget.

Tethered Spine

My spinal cord has been hurting. It feels like someone has their hand on my spinal cord and is pulling straight up on it.
I have seen my spina bifida doctor and they did x-rays. I have an MRI scheduled for August 30th. I will know if it is tethered then.
If it is tethered, the doctors said surgery would not be an option for me since I can walk. It would be too dangerous to operate on someone’s spinal cord who is able to walk.
The doctors put me on neurontin and it is helping.

Crappy day

Woke up this morning with a burst colostomy bag. It was all over me.
Showered and cleaned up. Put a new wafer and bag on. Then tonight, my urostomy began to leak urine. I had just put a new wafer and bag on my urostomy yesterday. I guess it did not take. So I had to change that out.
Some days are bad and some are worse. Some days are actually good though.

Feeling Blah

I have been depressed lately.

I saw my psychiatrist and she upped my Zoloft and Abilify. Hopefully that will help. When I worked, I looked forward to going to work Monday thru Friday and then looked forward to the weekend. Now, though, everyday is Saturday which sounds fun but it isn’t. I have nothing to look forward to. My colostomy and urostomy both leak at times when I am sleeping. I wake up wet or worse sometimes. Thankfully, that does not happen often. I try to make sure I change out my wafer before it weakens. If my wafer is weak, the urine or feces takes the path of least resistance. I must keep a strong wafer on my both my colostomy and urostomy. A strong wafer is the key to keeping ostomy’s in good working order.



I’ve had bronchitis since May 28th.
I had it the same time last year as well. I know because my nephew passed
away on May 28th last year and I had bronchitis. It was gone by June 28th last year though. This year, it just won’t go away. I’ve been to the doctor several times and have had several x-rays of my lungs taken. I’ve had the steroid shots, z-pack, inhalers but I cannot seem to shake it this year. I wanted to take a second and document this so I can look at it next year if this happens again.