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About Me

I was born in Birmingham Alabama @ Carraway Hospital in 1975.My family nor the doctors knew that I had spina bifida until I was born.The doctors did'nt know if I would ever walk but eventually I did begin to walk. I don't wear leg braces to help me walk. I do use a cane occasionally. To look at me, you would not know that I have spina bifida.

I hated school growing up and I skipped school alot. Years later, I have a degree in Network Engineering and several I.T. certifications from Microsoft, Novell and Comptia, None of which have anything to do with building websites.

I worked from the age of 15 until the age of 39. I worked in restaurants and retail while in school and college and then found myself in a career in the I.T. field. I worked in my field for nearly 20 years until my doctor told me that I needed to stop working and focus on my health. I was saddened. It was life changing since I loved working in my chosen field and loved my career. It was God's Will.

I am assuming you already know what spina bifida is, if you need updated on the subject then visit this website. Spina Bifida Association of America I will probably use this site mostly for my blog.

I dont expect millions of people to visit this site and I actually havent told many people about this site. I guess it is just my little place on the net.

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