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Walking With Spina Bifida

After School

By pwsadmin / December 6, 2023 /

The Fellas, known as “Tommy and Otis,” and I went for a drive this afternoon. Tommy and Otis, also known as “The Dawgs,” were excited to take the drive. After 4:15 pm, I got behind a School Bus that was bringing kids home from School, and I decided to slowly follow along and watch the…

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Part Two – Colonoscopy

By pwsadmin / December 4, 2023 /

I’ve never had this happen to me before. —Not for a procedure, that is. In the ’80s and ’90s, in a movie or T.V. show, when something “Off the wall” with a character happened, you would hear the sound of a record on a Record Player scratching, and the scene would “Freeze Frame.” The record…

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By pwsadmin / December 3, 2023 /

Today is the day.I don’t say that happily, either.It’s today. And it’s not going to be fun.I’ve been dreading it.I’ve had to get myself mentally prepared for weeks.And tomorrow isn’t going to be a picnic either. Once, I pooped in a nurse’s hair. They didn’t put me to sleep.I guess because I have no feeling…

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My Library Card

By pwsadmin / December 1, 2023 /

I walked into the building and felt out of place as I looked around.I hadn’t been in a place like this in a while.I took a big inhale of air. It even had the smell that these places have. It brought back memories. It made me smile.I excitedly walked up to the counter. “Yes. I’m…

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Snow Globes – 2023

By pwsadmin / November 30, 2023 /

You may remember that each year, around Christmas time, I have a Hobby of making Snow Globes. I usually make around twenty.I believe I’ve been doing it for four years now. Maybe five.I hand them out to Friends and Family. I don’t sell them. This year, though, I haven’t gotten into the Christmas Spirit yet.…

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By pwsadmin / November 27, 2023 /

It was the day after Thanksgiving, and my Brother and I were taking our Dad out to see a movie. The movie was “Napoleon.” Bridge Street Town Centre in Madison, Alabama, is the place we headed. Upon entering “Bridge Street Town Centre,” I noticed nothing but cars. Cars and people. Lots and lots of people.…

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Thanksgiving – The Turkey Leg

By pwsadmin / November 23, 2023 / Comments Off on Thanksgiving – The Turkey Leg

It has begun.I had to sneak out to the Garage to eat this bad boy. Happy Thanksgiving.

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Pecan Pies

By pwsadmin / November 23, 2023 / Comments Off on Pecan Pies

Thanksgiving has arrived, and I do have much to be Thankful for.Of course, there’s too much to list here, but it’s lots. I’ve been busy the past few days. —See Pictures Below—Last year, or the year before, I learned how to make Pecan Pies.I distinctly remember writing in my Journal, “Every man needs to know…

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Hot Tea

By pwsadmin / November 21, 2023 / Comments Off on Hot Tea

In an ongoing effort to better myself, I purchased something every Sophisticated Man should have—a Hot Tea Set. There’s more.I also read up on Hot Tea and learned the difference between each type of Tea Leaf. Loose TeaSilken SachetsTea Bags Loose Tea is the best, providing the most flavor. Learning about the Water you should…

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Early Christmas

By pwsadmin / November 19, 2023 / Comments Off on Early Christmas

I took an Early Morning Drive this morning.As usual, I went through the country to see the countryside. I wanted to share a few pictures of the Christmas Lights in two different locations out in the country.Christmas starts sooner and sooner each year, and I’ll admit, I was upset when I first noticed it a…

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