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Walking With Spina Bifida

Prep Before Procedure

By pwsadmin / September 22, 2022 /

I’ve done my “Prep” work that I do before every Procedure. For one, I straighten my room, so it’s clean when I come home.I also have other reasons for cleaning my room before every Procedure, and I’ll keep that to myself. But you could probably put it together. Then, I Sanitize my whole body. Yep.…

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Special Smiles

By pwsadmin / September 21, 2022 /

We all smile.I believe we each have a Special Smile, though.It’s set apart from our other Smiles. It’s different—a subtle difference but a difference still. It’s the Smile you make when your Best Friend remembers something important that you thought they wouldn’t remember. The Smile you make when you walk into a room full of…

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By pwsadmin / September 21, 2022 /

Pre-Registration called me today to get me ready for my Procedure this Thursday. While talking about my Colostomy and Urostomy, I informed the sweet lady that they are named “Lenny” and “Squiggy,” respectively.She laughed and said, “I’ve Pre-Registered you before. I remember those names!”We both giggled. She then reminded me that even though it’s an…

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By pwsadmin / September 20, 2022 /

I walked into the Doc’s Office today around 2:30 pm. My appointment being at 3:30, I knew I’d be sitting a while. So, I looked the Waiting Room chairs over. Two leather chairs appearing to be comfortable, and one hardback chair appearing not to be so comfortable. Out of the two comfortable-looking chairs, I decide…

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My Town

By pwsadmin / September 17, 2022 / Comments Off on My Town

I love my town. We are the quintessential all-American small town. Our Football Team Played their Hearts out this past Friday Night.The score? 53 to Nothing. —The other Team won.At the time of this writing, this season, they have won 2 and lost 2. We still Celebrated, though.The local Church, “Cross Roads Baptist Church,” holds…

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By pwsadmin / September 16, 2022 / Comments Off on 9/16/2022

I got to eat one of my favorite fish this week.—Salmon.Some people pronounce the “L,” and some keep the “L” Silent.I try to be “fancy” and keep it Silent, pronouncing it as “Sa-mun.”And, as usual, I think my way is correct. The others had some other fish. Flounder, I think. I knew, however, that one…

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By pwsadmin / September 13, 2022 / Comments Off on 9/13/2022

What a nice day we had here in the South. This morning it was 50 degrees, and as the day progressed, I believe it hit 70. And I wasn’t cold at all. It felt nice.The sky was mostly clear, and the sun was bright. I got up this morning, took a shower, and ran errands.…

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Thought For The Day

By pwsadmin / September 13, 2022 / Comments Off on Thought For The Day

—Thought for the day— I’ve been going through Journals and Stories I’ve written over the years because I’m slowly writing a book and have to decide what to put in and what to leave out. One thing I’ve noticed is that I, like you, am trying my best to navigate my way thru life. To…

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Sugar Creek Music Club

By pwsadmin / September 12, 2022 / Comments Off on Sugar Creek Music Club

—Sugar Creek Music Club— Tonight, I had the privilege of listening to “The Jazz Babies featuring Merle Dollar.”People dressed in their best ’20s outfits; Many danced; All had a great time.It was my first “Meeting” or Event at the “Sugar Creek Music Club.”I am now one Event, or “Meeting,” away from becoming a Member of…

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My Brother Visits

By pwsadmin / September 10, 2022 / Comments Off on My Brother Visits

My Oldest brother’s Family visited today. Stories got told, and laughter was heard. Burgers got cooked. Mom or Papa always put my brother to work whenever he comes over and today was no different. I sat and watched as furniture got moved around and rooms got rearranged. A lot of laughter was heard today, though.…

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