King Buffet

After leaving my Doctor, I got into my vehicle and headed to get some Chinese Food to eat.

I had badly been craving Chinese.

It had to be a buffet, too. I didn’t want to order one item from a menu and be done. I wanted to fill my plate with several different foods and eat way too much. I had been thinking about this since yesterday.

And once I get something like that on my mind, I can’t shake it.

I asked my aunt and uncle if they knew of any Chinese buffets in that area—Highway 280—and they pointed me to “New China” off 280 and “King Buffet” off I-65 South. Off I drove to “New China.” After all, it was the closest. Plus, I had been to the “King Buffet” before and wanted to try someplace “new to me.”

I pulled up the directions on my GPS and hopped on 280.

The time is 3:00 pm, and the traffic on 280 is typical—busy.

“I’m starting with ‘Hot-N-Sour Soup’ first,” I thought as I drove.

It seems every Red Light had me in its crosshairs. I got stopped by most of them.

“New China” was only 6 miles from the Doctor’s office, and it took less than 10 minutes to get there in “Good” traffic.

I could taste the food as I drove. “Remember, ‘Lynn,’ stick with Chinese Food. Don’t get Mussels, Oysters, or Crab Legs. Stick with what they do best: Chinese.”

My GPS was on my side. It wanted to get me there as quickly and easily as possible, even taking me through a gas station’s parking lot. I kid you not. 

It had me take a left off of 280, then a right, and go through a Gas Station Lot. It then took me through a Wal-Mart parking Lot, and I pulled right in front of “New China’s” front door.

“Thank you, GPS. You did good,” I said as I unbuckled and hopped out of the truck.

When I opened the door to “New China,” a young Asian Man jumped up from the nap he was taking in one of the booths. I could tell he was shocked that someone walked in.

I also saw that it was not a buffet. You ordered at the counter and took the food back to your table. This was not good. It wasn’t anything near what I was craving. I wanted to fill my plate with six different foods, along with Soup, Egg Rolls, and dessert.

“I’m sorry—I got the wrong Building. My bad. Sorry to wake you,” I say to the guy. I head back to my truck.

I then pull up “King Buffet” on my GPS.

To get there, I had to go back up 280 and get on I-459 South to I-65 South. 

It’s off the “Oak Mountain State Park” exit.

“‘Lynn,’ they have Octopus and Squid there. Don’t eat it. Not off a buffet.” These are things I’ve learned over the Course of my life.

“Don’t eat the Mussels or Oysters either. Stick to regular Chinese Food.”

I get on 459.

The time is now 3:40-ish. Traffic was bad.

From 459, I get on I-65 South.

“Maybe their ‘Kung Pao’ is hot.” “Kung Pao,” I’ve heard, is supposed to be hot. I’ve never had any that is hot, though. On the show “Seinfeld,” they always say “Kung Pao” is hot.—I think. I could be wrong.

I exit 65 South at the “Oak Mountain” exit and head to “King Buffet.”

Around 3:50-ish, I pulled into the Parking Lot.

It didn’t appear to be busy. I was able to park right up front.

I walked in, got a table for one, and went to get my “Hot-N-Sour Soup.”

Right next to the Hot-N-Sour Soup is a Soup I’ve never seen before.

It had Crawldads staring at me. Lots of Crawdads floating in this yummy-looking Broth. Using the Scooper, I scooped some up to look at it. I believe it also had New Potatoes.

I stare at it. “Dang, something new I’ve never seen or had,” I thought.

The Crawdad’s beady little eyes stare at me. I stare back.

“MMM-MMM.” I do like Crawdads. “I want you in my stomach,” I mumble to myself.

I stare at it more. The whiskers are still on the Crawdads face.

“No, ‘Lynn.’ That’s how you get sick,” I say. I put the Scooper away and pour myself a bowl of “Hot-N-Sour Soup.”

After the Soup, I filled my plate with “Beef with Broccoli,” “Pepper Steak,” “kung pao,” and several other items, all on top of White Rice.

The Kung Pao was not hot or spicy, but it was delicious.

In fact, all of it was delicious and well worth the drive.

Including dessert, I had three plates of deliciousness.

They also have Stir-Fry.

The Cook tried his best to get me to try some. He and I talked and joked back and forth for a bit.

You pick the meat, vegetables, and sauce you want, and the Cook stir-fries it right in front of you. I noticed many of the customers were eating stir-fry, which made me want to try some. Stir-fry is probably safe. I didn’t try it, though. Maybe next time.

My total bill was 16$ and some change, not including the tip. —Very reasonable for what I ate. 

Of Course, it was the Lunch Buffet at that time.

Prices probably go up for Dinner.

Tonight, I’ll probably dream about those Crawdads, floating in that Broth, with their beady little eyes staring up at me. Mmm-mmm —Maybe next time.

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