Chicken Gizzards

By pwsadmin / December 2, 2022 /

God put a lot of food on this earth for us to eat, and I do my best trying as much of it as possible.As long as a particular food won’t interfere too much with my Diabetes or my Spina Bifida, I’ll try it. I usually find that I like it, too. You’re asking yourself,…

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Another Day

By pwsadmin / November 11, 2022 / Comments Off on Another Day

It’s early; Still dark outside; I get up. Tommy the Dawg is still asleep on his bed. I try not to wake him. I have plans for tonight, and I think about those as I rise. I check my Blood Sugar: 95. “Mmm-Hmm, Good,” I think to myself.I decide to wait to take my morning…

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Snow Globes – 2022

By pwsadmin / November 2, 2022 / Comments Off on Snow Globes – 2022

About this time each year, I begin working on one of my favorite hobbies—building Snow Globes.Yep.Growing up, I’ll bet some of the older fellas said, “I bet he grows up to build Snow Globes…”I kid. —Back to my post. Each year, I buy everything from the “Globes” themselves to the items I will place in…

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The Red Bird

By pwsadmin / November 1, 2022 / Comments Off on The Red Bird

—The ‘Red Bird’— Throughout life, the elders of my family have talked about the “Red Bird.”The “Cardinal” is the proper name, I believe. Sitting on the porch or at a picnic, Nana, my Grandmother, might say, “There’s a Red Bird,” and all the older members would become at peace and relaxed at the sight of…

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A Talk with God

By pwsadmin / October 27, 2022 / Comments Off on A Talk with God

—A Talk with God——Spina Bifida Awareness 10/27/2022— Before you read this, please know that I am a Christian. I am Saved and Baptized. I have more good days than bad ones, and I can usually laugh at myself.Like everyone else, I pay bills and taxes and deal with life.But aside from dealing with life, I…

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La Pyramid

By pwsadmin / October 10, 2022 / Comments Off on La Pyramid

I left the house and headed to eat lunch at “The White House Restaurant” today. “The White House,” as we call it, is a Staple of the town of Warrior, Alabama. No, it doesn’t look like The White House in Washington, D.C.It does have pictures of every U.S. President, from President George Washington to our…

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Fall Garden

By pwsadmin / October 4, 2022 / Comments Off on Fall Garden

I Planted another Garden today. You may remember, at the beginning of Summer, I Planted a Garden in a Raised Flower Bed that Papa had made.I called it my “Disabled Friendly Garden.” You may remember that Broccoli was part of that Garden.To this day, I don’t know why Ace Hardware had Broccoli Plants out for…

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Small Town Life

By pwsadmin / September 27, 2022 / Comments Off on Small Town Life

—Small Town Life— I love living in a Small Town. Today, I was carrying my Niece, “Niece #2,” to school. As I’m driving, I see a Fire Truck with its lights on coming up behind me.I turn my Hazards on and pull to the side of the road to let it pass. I drive another…

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By pwsadmin / September 25, 2022 / Comments Off on 9/25/2022

Sunday, September 25th, 2022. A gloomy, foggy day as I walked out to my vehicle to ride around this morning. I had to turn my windshield wipers on several times to wipe the rain off my window. The girl at the drive-thru hands me my usual and wishes me a “Blessed Day” for today. I…

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Homecoming 2022

By pwsadmin / September 24, 2022 / Comments Off on Homecoming 2022

Hayden Highschool Homecoming Game. I arrived at about 5:45.Papa ended up taking Niece one to a different Football Game.So, I was with Niece two while Papa was with Niece one at a different game. I sat next to Papa’s friend; he and I had a great conversation the whole evening. He even said I was…

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