Moments Past

By pwsadmin / December 4, 2021 /

—Moments Past— May 28th, 2005 We stood in a circle creating a Prayer Chain around Nana’s bed.Each of us held hands. Pawpaw had just finished saying the most beautiful Prayer I’d ever heard him say. I didn’t know he had those words inside of him. “Lord, I commit Nana’s Spirit into your hands,” and that…

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Berts Story

By pwsadmin / November 20, 2021 /

—Berts Story— His name is “Bert.”He’s Ex-Military—Navy—’76 to ’84.He told me that he had recently gotten out of the hospital. He had a blood clot in his lung, and they had to perform surgery to fix it.He stands at 6 feet tall and weighs 150 pounds—an older man in his ’60s.I met Bert at the…

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Stent Procedure 11/3/2021

By pwsadmin / November 4, 2021 /

—Stent Procedure 11/3/2021— At 10:00 AM, mom and I arrived at the hospital to check-in. I was to have my procedure at Noon.At 10:30 AM, mom and I were taken back to a private room with a bed, T.V., and equipment to take my Vitals. I was then told to get naked and put on…

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Latest Update 10/22/2021

By pwsadmin / October 22, 2021 /

—Latest Update— Hi all, I haven’t posted lately. My mind has been elsewhere, I guess. I did get to visit my Aunt and Uncle earlier this week.We sat on the Porch and counted cars as we talked about life.It’s always good to sit and talk with them. Both are a fountain of knowledge. I had…

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Sick 10/13/2021

By pwsadmin / October 14, 2021 /

—Sick 10/13/2021— I became sick today. My stomach was torn up, and I was cold and shaky. When this happens, my output, both 1 and 2, is very acidic.The acid then tries to eat through my wafer, which is holding my bags, and, much like a river trying to forge a new path, the output…

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Last Day with Tony

By pwsadmin / August 25, 2021 /

— T— I remember it like it was yesterday. I was living as a Bachelor at my house in Huntsville, Alabama. It was Sunday, and I had gotten up pretty early.It was not like any other day, though. I had a craving—a craving for a Banana Split.I thought to myself, “Why am I craving Ice…

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COVID-19 virus banner

COVID Night Update 8/2/2021

By pwsadmin / August 3, 2021 /

—COVID Night Update 8/2/2021— A short update:Everyone is doing fine tonight, and everyone’s numbers are regular. A few people have expressed some concern about what I am doing to keep myself from getting COVID.I thought I might address that. When four out of the five people who live in the same house have COVID, you…

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Hospital room with gurney and people in scrubs

Intussusception Of The Bowel

By pwsadmin / June 14, 2021 /

—Intussusception Of The Bowel— I do not know if you have ever had a near-death experience or not, but in 1985, at ten years old, I was faced with the chance of dying for the first time in my memory. It all started with my stomach hurting; Followed up by not being able to keep…

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My PawPaw and I on my Baptism Day

My Baptism

By pwsadmin / June 7, 2021 /

Twenty-Six years had passed since I had gotten Saved. I had now graduated college and received my Microsoft, Novell, and CompTIA certifications. I had gotten put on disability by my doctor from my career as an I.T. Manager. My grandmother, “Nana,” had passed away with brain cancer. “Tony,” my brother, had passed away at 38…

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Closeup of frog in snow

A Frog Named Red

By pwsadmin / May 27, 2021 /

—A Frog Named Red— Watching someone you love go from healthy to death in a mere six months is hard. Losing a loved one is hard. My Grandmother, “Nana,” had been diagnosed with cancer and given six months to live. Each day, “Papa” and I would drive from Huntsville, Ala., down to Nana and “Pawpaw’s”…

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