Pepper Steak

By pwsadmin / March 31, 2023 /

I got another lesson from the “Meat Man” at the local “Pig.” He told me of a cheaper cut of meat that has the same grade as a Ribeye.I believe it’s called “Chuck Eye.”Each cut was pretty thick, and I got three for eighteen dollars. That’s about six bucks each.That’s not the story, though… “Papa,…

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Tommy The Dawg

By pwsadmin / March 29, 2023 /

“Tommy the Dawg” is so dang smart. I’ve driven all over this mountain with him at my side, and in the beginning, I would say the words, “Hold On” when going into a curve or making a turn, and he learned to “hold on.” He did this by taking his head out of the window,…

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Lost In The Opryland Hotel

By pwsadmin / March 28, 2023 /

“It’s an Atrium. It’s just a Man-Made-Atrium, ‘Lynn,’” I told myself. “This isn’t ‘Gilligan’s Island.’” I had gone to an “After-Show” Party and returned to the “Opryland Hotel” after 1 AM. The hotel has over 2800 rooms.It’s the size of several football fields. I had taken an “Uber” to get back to the hotel, and…

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The Grand Ole Opry

By pwsadmin / March 27, 2023 /

The Grand Ole Opry. That’s where we were.It would become a “Night To Remember.”It was “Sean Dietrich’s” Opry Debut—a big night for him.The place was full of fans. The “Opry” wasn’t on my Bucket List or anything. I just figured I’d never get a chance to see someone at “The Grand Ole’ Opry.”I was with…

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The Trip

By pwsadmin / March 24, 2023 /

4 AM, “Alexa” awakens me with soft Jazz music. “It’s time!” I say aloud. “Time! Get up and get ready, ‘Lynny-Pooh!’” You see, I have an important trip planned today.I am going to the great city of Nashville, in the great state of Tennessee.By 7 PM tonight, I will be sitting in front of one…

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The Wreckage

By pwsadmin / March 23, 2023 /

I was mere seconds away from it when it happened. Driving on Highway 160, which I’ve posted about before, I encountered a wreck. It had just happened. People were getting out of their vehicles and running over to the wreckage. Three vehicles were involved.One truck lay on top, and on its side, of the other…

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The Mussels

By pwsadmin / March 15, 2023 / Comments Off on The Mussels

Mussels. That’s what I had to eat—a lot of Mussels.They were good, too.“Boy, that sure was a good Birthday Dinner for Aunt Ann,” I thought. —I thought to myself a lot during this whole event— While sitting in the School line, my phone starts making a sound. “Beep, Beep, Beep” was the sound my phone…

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Pulmonary Doctor Visit

By pwsadmin / March 13, 2023 / Comments Off on Pulmonary Doctor Visit

I saw my sleep doctor today.On our “Family” Microsoft Calendar that we share, it simply said, “Pulmonary Appointment.”It didn’t have the doctor’s name or anything.I honestly thought it was for mom or Papa, but it ended up being my appointment.I got a good report about my CPAP use, and I was happy about that, but…

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The Pink Floyd Experience

By pwsadmin / March 11, 2023 / Comments Off on The Pink Floyd Experience

Over one-thousand and, two hundred words are typed here.I felt they were needed, though.And honestly, I think the first part is a bit “Dry.”Any-hoo, here we go: My oldest Brother knows I love Pink Floyd. I always have.In ’94, I was fortunate enough to see them live for their “Division Bell” tour.I took my late…

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Pre Show

By pwsadmin / March 9, 2023 / Comments Off on Pre Show

I’m going out tonight with my older brother and dad. My anxiety is high. Earlier today, I ran up to Huntsville, Alabama, to see my Psychiatrist.She says it’s good to get out. I wouldn’t expect her to say anything less. She is always positive. My anxiety is high because I’ll be out of my comfort…

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