My Journey Living With Spina Bifida.

Sharing My Story Through My Blog

Walking With Spina Bifida

My Journey Living With a Spine Condition

Sharing My Story Through My Blog

Walking With Spina Bifida

About Me

First and foremost, I am a Christian.
I got saved at thirteen years old and baptized in my early forties.
As you read through my stories, I do hope that you can see God shining.

I once asked a friend how he describes me to other people.
His answer? “Describe you? I don’t describe you. I introduce you in story form by saying, ‘…have you ever heard the ballad of Lynn…?’”

I love humor and being funny. I love making others laugh.
According to many, I’m a “sweetheart.”
A friend once said, “The fact is, you’re a nice guy in a mean world.”

I hate conflict.
Many moons ago, I began shying more and more away from any conflict.
Spina bifida comes with enough problems of its own.

I live life. I do my best.
I want as few problems as possible.
I think that’s what most people want.
One friend says that I’m a sheep in a lion’s den.

If I am out eating, I will not send anything back.
I’ve gotten the wrong meal before, and instead of telling the waitress that I had ordered a steak and not the grilled chicken, I ate the chicken and then left a thirty percent tip.

As I said, I was born with spina bifida.
I wore a diaper most of my life before getting a colostomy and urostomy (named “Lenny” and “Squiggy,” respectively).
Unlike many others born with spina bifida, I can walk.

I will admit that I am an amateur writer, which means you will find grammatical errors. I’ll try to keep those at a minimum. I promise.

So, walk with me as I walk through life. Walking with spina bifida.

Love you,

— Lynn