The Teen Years

By pwsadmin / October 18, 2021 /

—The Teen Years— My niece, whom I live with, turned thirteen.We celebrated her birthday today by having five of her best friends over and going out to eat at “Olive Garden.” After that, we went to “Urban Air,” which is one of those trampoline places for kids. Mom paid for Olive Garden, so I figured…

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Ridin’ Around

By pwsadmin / October 15, 2021 /

—Ridin’ Around— I got up around 2:30 PM today and got dressed to go to one of our local Fast Food Chains. I had to hurry because the place gets slammed after schools let out, and it was already 2:30. I ordered a “Twisted Pretzel” and a “Diet Coke.” When I got to the window,…

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Taste Of Italy

By pwsadmin / October 7, 2021 /

—Taste Of Italy— I made my way over to “Taste Of Italy” today. They’ve been voted “Best Italian” in the County, and I’ll say that it was well deserved.“Taste Of Italy” will now be my First Choice for Italian Food whenever I’m up in Gatlinburg.I know that is surprising and shocking to some, but it’s…

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The Fellas

By pwsadmin / October 7, 2021 /

—The Fellas— I wrote in a previous post that I had found out about “Taste Of Italy” from the fellas at the store, located at the bottom of the mountain and that I was going to take them a Gift Certificate as a “Thank You.” I did that tonight. “Steve” and “Luke” were both working…

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The Local Guy

By pwsadmin / October 6, 2021 /

—The Local Guy— I ran down to the bottom of the mountain tonight to get some Diet Cokes and to see the fellas. Over the years, I’ve become friends with a few of the guys that work at the store at the bottom of the mountain. “Steve” was working tonight along with one of the…

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cabin Update 10/4/2021

By pwsadmin / October 4, 2021 /

I awoke this morning at 6 AM EST. I haven’t spoken much about why I had to make a quick trip up here, and, that’s been on purpose.See, I want to be able to post pictures when I post about why I made the quick trip up to the Cabin.I should be able to do…

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Elk Burger

By pwsadmin / October 2, 2021 /

—Elk Burger— I met up with my Aunt and Uncle yesterday to eat lunch. We ate at “The Diner” in Pigeon Forge, Tennesse. I ordered an “Elk Burger.” My Uncle ordered one of the other burgers that they have on the menu. I’d never had Elk, and the menu said it was Sweet Tasting, so…

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The Police and The Donut Friar

By pwsadmin / September 30, 2021 /

—The Police and The Donut Friar— I got up at 7 AM EST this morning. I’m expecting Mom and an Aunt and Uncle to show up while I’m here, so I needed to get some food for us. The first thing I wanted was some of the “Donut Friar” donuts.They are excellent.Their donuts rank right…

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Diabetes Hiccup 9/27/2021

By pwsadmin / September 28, 2021 /

—Diabetes Hiccup— I’ve been working on something pretty exciting for me. I don’t want to go into it here, right now, but I’m Praying something comes of it. So, with that in mind, I was pretty busy the first part of today.So much so that I think I might have ignored my diabetes a little…

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Evening Update 9/24/2021

By pwsadmin / September 24, 2021 /

A good day today. I got the chance to have lunch with my Aunt Ann and Uncle Jim today. We ate at “The White House Restaurant” in Warrior, Alabama.I always enjoy eating there. In fact, I ate there yesterday as well. Yesterday, I had the liver and onions. I’m a true Southerner. All true Southerners…

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