Blog 6/16/2024

It’s been a good couple of days here.
The “Fam” returned home safely, which is the main thing.
And I’ve gotten some things done with my “Disabled Garden.”

So far, I’ve picked several Peppers.
One Pepper, in particular, was bought from the Garden Section of Lowes and was not grown from seed like my other plants.
It’s called a “Snacking Pepper.”
There are also the words “Lunchbox Pepper” on the sticker.
I picked four of those Peppers today, and we all tried them.
And they taste excellent.
You can eat it with your meal, much like we Southerners eat Sliced Tomato and Onion with our meals.
The other Peppers are “Sweet,” “Mild,” and “Banana Peppers.”

I also picked two Squash today. We are going to cook the Squash tomorrow with our meal. I know there are only two, but it’ll be enough after we cut them up and fry them. We are going to have four Vegetables in total with tomorrow’s meal.
Mom and I got some locally grown vegetables such as “Okra,” “Green tomatoes,” and other locally grown Vegetables.
People love to share food from their Garden in the South.— And I love eating it.

The cucumbers and tomatoes are coming along nicely.
All of the “Herbs” turned out great.
I have “Peppermint,” “Basil,” “Spearmint,” and one other, but the name eludes me at the moment.
They smell good and taste even better.
The Spearmint tastes just like “Spearmint Gum.” And smells like it.

I do have one large container with “Surprise” Plants growing in it.
It’s plants that no longer had the Label I made for my Plants.
So, they’re growing in that container. I think one is a “Mint” Herb of some type. Maybe Peppermint or Spearmint.
One might be a Tomato Plant. I’ll have to wait and see.

I think that catches me up to today.

I’ll talk to you later.

Love you,