Whiskey Myers

By pwsadmin / April 11, 2024 /

—The Concert – Whiskey Myers— What bands come to mind when you think of Southern Rock?“Lynyrd Skynard” comes to my mind.“Molly Hatchet,” “The Marshall Tucker Band,” and “The Allman Brothers” also come to mind.If I sat here and thought, I could probably list Fifty “Southern Rock” Bands.Oh, “The Eagles.” I have to include them.Nobody “New”…

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The Event

By pwsadmin / April 8, 2024 /

—The Event – Part II— I sat in the Suite, sipping my Diet Coke and waiting.—Waiting to meet a bunch of people I had never met. I was nervous about this.Still, I patiently sat and watched the Arena from the Suite.My Uncle “Unc!” texted me and said they had arrived and were walking to the…

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Upcoming Event

By pwsadmin / April 4, 2024 /

Today, it dawned on me that I’ve been feeling down lately.Maybe the word “Blah” describes it best.When I feel like this, I don’t feel much like journaling.I don’t feel much like doing anything. I believe these feelings are a normal part of life.And it’s easy to get down on yourself. Very easy. I believe it…

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By pwsadmin / March 24, 2024 / Comments Off on 3/24/24

I woke up with some Muscle Aches this morning.The time was 3:35 in the A.M.The Aches were my body’s way of telling me that I had officially slept in my Recliner for too long—about Five Days too long, to be exact.I feel much better than I did on previous days, which is good. I got…

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By pwsadmin / March 19, 2024 / Comments Off on 3/18/2024

I’m at our local “General Store.” It’s a “Mom and Pop” store that’s been around for Fifty Years.I purchase two Diet Cokes. The Cashier and I chit-chat as I pay with my Debit Card. —We all chit-chat around here. Because of the Chit-Chatting, I really didn’t pay attention to the debit card reader. I just…

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2/29/2024 – Update

By pwsadmin / February 29, 2024 / Comments Off on 2/29/2024 – Update

Someone “Teased” us with Spring-Like Weather over the past few days. Whoever the “tease” was, then laughed a maniacal laugh, flipped the switch to the A/C back to “On,” shouted, “Just Kiddin’,” and shut the door on us all. It’s not that cold, either. But the body doesn’t like going from 70 to 45 degrees…

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Birthday Lunch

By pwsadmin / February 26, 2024 / Comments Off on Birthday Lunch

It was a Beautiful, Spring-Like Day this Sunday, February the Twenty-Fifth. On the Calendar for today was a Birthday Lunch for my Friend “Lou.” He, his Family, and I were meeting in my Hometown of Fultondale at “Full Moon BBQ.” Fultondale is about Twenty minutes from where I now live. Since I was going to…

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The Weinermobile

By pwsadmin / February 18, 2024 / Comments Off on The Weinermobile

I couldn’t believe it. There it was. I was in Awe. I was at Wal-Mart in Gardendale, Alabama, shopping.My Uncle had reminded me that it was time to start my Garden.I start by planting the seeds in pods and growing them indoors. Then, it’s Spring by the time they get ready to be planted outside…

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Valentine’s 2024

By pwsadmin / February 16, 2024 / Comments Off on Valentine’s 2024

On the 14th of February, I visited my local “Dollar General.”If you’ve kept up with my journals, you’ve probably figured out that I am a loyal customer at the local “DG.” I’ve written many stories about the Place.They all know me there and have always been great to me. I walk in and head to…

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Scott Richards

By pwsadmin / February 16, 2024 / Comments Off on Scott Richards

Here in the South, we Love and Cherish our Local News Anchors.It may be the same where you live.We feel that they are one of us. On our side. Our Neighbor. Our Friend. Our Family. One of our Local News Anchors passed away today.From childhood until his retirement in 2014, “Scott Richards” of WBRC 6…

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