Mt. Airy, 2023 – Day 1

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I began preparing for my yearly trip to Mt. Airy, North Carolina, last week.My plan was to drive my vehicle. That plan would change, though. As you should before any trip, I took my vehicle to get the Oil Changed and to get the Mechanic to check and make sure my Ol’ Truck was road…

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Popular – Part VI

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—Popular, Part VI——The Misadventures of ‘Lynn’ ‘Coon’ and ‘Tater’——Continued— I had just been read my Miranda Rights.Scared to death, I look at my Attorney and ask, “Am I under arrest?”“It’s okay,” he said, “Standard Operating Procedures.” “Wait, wait, wait. I need you to hear my side of the story,” I quickly said. “Go ahead,” the…

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Popular – Part V

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—Popular, Part V——The Misadventures of ‘Lynn’ ‘Coon’ and ‘Tater’——Continued— After getting the phone call from “Tater” telling me that he and “Coon” had been caught and I had to turn myself in at the Court House, I went to talk to my Best Friend.I explained everything I’ve told you. “What time are you going to…

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Popular – Part IV

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—Popular, Part IV——The Misadventures of ‘Lynn’ ‘Coon’ and ‘Tater,’ Continued— That night I couldn’t sleep.Before I had left “Taters,” I got a good look at what “Coon,” and “Tater” were wearing.I looked to see if they had a Hammer on them. Laying in bed, I thought back, putting it all together.“They weren’t wearing gloves, and…

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Popular – Part III

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—Popular, Part III——The Misadventures of ‘Lynn’ ‘Coon’ and ‘Tater’— I believe at some point in a Southern Boys life; he has to be “Initiated” as a Southerner.Enter “Coon,” and “Tater.” I don’t remember how we met.“Coon” and “Tater” were pretty fun to hang out with.They seemed like good ol’ Southern guys just wanting to have…

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Popular – Part II

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—Popular, Part II— The “Mart” Store that I worked for found out that I knew a little about Computers and decided to stick me in “Electronics.” I loved it.The “Electronics Department” sold not only Computers but also Music CDs and Music Tapes along with Stereos and TVs. I was in Heaven.I quickly became a “Come…

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Popular – Part I

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—Popular, Part I— It was the later ’90s, and I was eighteen years old. I felt a bit empty inside during this part of my life.That’s when I realized I had never really had more than one or two friends at any particular time in my life. Anybody else I would “Hang out” with was…

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July 4th 2023

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Today, as I drove by someone’s yard, I saw people playing Bottle Rocket War.We played a lot of Bottle Rocket Wars when I was growing up. In fact, the whole week of July 4th was filled with “War Games.” Allowed “Weapons” during War Games were: Bottle RocketsSmoke BombsRoman CandlesBlack Powder rolled up in toilet paper…

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7/3/2023 – Journal Entry

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We’ve been going through a “Heat Wave” here in the South as of late.Each day for the past Week, we’ve had to bring all the dogs in. Even if they didn’t want to come in.It’s for their best. Each morning, the temperatures would already be in the ’70s, if not the ’80s, when I woke…

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By pwsadmin / June 28, 2023 / Comments Off on Grits

Grits; We Southerners love them.We take pride in our Grits too.You may or may not know what a “Grit” is, so I’ll tell you; It’s ground corn. That’s what I’ve been told, at least. Any “Old Timer” will tell you that the only thing you need to put in a bowl of Grits is Butter,…

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