Therapist Visit

By pwsadmin / September 8, 2022 / Comments Off on Therapist Visit

I saw my therapist today.It was a Video Conference. I love those.I feel much more at ease sitting in my recliner and talking to my therapist over the Internet using my laptop. “Lynn, you said you copyright each story that you write. Why do you feel it important to copyright each story?: —And now I…

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The Funeral of Great Uncle Dale

By pwsadmin / September 4, 2022 / Comments Off on The Funeral of Great Uncle Dale

Yesterday, 9/3/2022, Papa, myself, my Aunt, and Uncle all gathered into the vehicle and left Alabama, headed for Fairburn, Georgia.We were to attend the Funeral of my Great Uncle Dale.The trip took 2 Hours and 40 Minutes. Along the way, I learned all about my Family.My Aunt told many, many stories involving my Aunt Gail…

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Local Sports

By pwsadmin / August 21, 2022 / Comments Off on Local Sports

As I posted earlier, I attended one of the local High School Football games this past Friday Night.And, I was reminded of how much I enjoy living in a small community. While there, I saw people from the Local, Family-Owned Businesses, such as my Pharmacist. He walked over, shook mine and Papa’s hands, and spoke…

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The Haircut

By pwsadmin / August 10, 2022 / Comments Off on The Haircut

I made my way to Miss Margarets today for my Hair Cut. No. I didn’t go to a Barber Shop.I don’t know of a Barber Shop close to where I live. Miss Margaret has a shop on the bottom floor of her house.It’s a 100% “Hair Cutting Shop.” I’m not using that “Salon” name.It has…

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Restroom Stalls

By pwsadmin / August 1, 2022 / Comments Off on Restroom Stalls

The picture below is one of my many Nightmares. It’s not the first time I’d run into this situation, either. Back in the day, when I was a drinker, many restrooms in the bars had no doors on the stalls.Remember, at one time, I wore a diaper.Changing your diaper in a Stall is bad enough.…

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Blog 7/28/2022

By pwsadmin / July 28, 2022 / Comments Off on Blog 7/28/2022

I had a great day today! I met up with two friends, a Husband, and a Wife, and we took off on a journey. The destination? Jasper, Alabama, to visit the grave of George Lindsey.You may or may not know that George Lindsey played “Goober” on The Andy Griffith Show.He was born and raised in…

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By pwsadmin / July 28, 2022 / Comments Off on 7/28/2022

I got up early this morning and let “Tommy” out.The time was around 6 AM..I ran to the Gas Station and picked up a few things for my outing today. I’m going off with two friends. A Husband and Wife. I picked up a couple Sugared drinks in case my Blood Sugar goes low. I…

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I’m Outta Here

By pwsadmin / July 27, 2022 / Comments Off on I’m Outta Here

I’ve always had a hard time making friends.I have my reasons. Growing up, I kept my Spina Bifida a secret.I kept the fact that I wore a diaper a secret. I tried to keep it all a secret.And now, I’ll try to tell you why. First, before I get started, nobody reading this knows the…

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A Round To It

By pwsadmin / July 26, 2022 / Comments Off on A Round To It

I’ve been staying around the house here lately. The little garden I planted earlier in the year has produced all it will produce. —Better luck next year— The days have been hitting the ’90s each day.And each day, we bring the dogs in from the heat. My dog, “Tommy,” doesn’t like being inside. Not for…

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School Pranks

By pwsadmin / July 20, 2022 / Comments Off on School Pranks

7th Grade. I didn’t tell anyone that I had Spina Bifida or, more importantly to me, that I wore a diaper.I also had zero feeling in my Butt Cheeks. Back in the day, at school, kids played pranks and jokes. —All-the-time…I’m sure they still do it today. A famous “Prank” would be to tape a…

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