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—My Dana— When I was around eighteen years old, I worked at the local pizza place.My female boss at the place was nineteen or twenty and named “Dana.”Dana was a looker. At this time in my life, I took classes at the local college. Dana took classes there as well.She was trying to get into…

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The Kissing Conest

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—The Kissing Contest— I was around twelve. Four other guys and I were playing together at some apartments when two girls our age came walking up.One was named “Amy” for this story. If I like a girl, I call her “Amy” in my stories. I can’t give actual names out. My childhood friends read this.I…

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Surprise Birthday Party

By pwsadmin / March 14, 2022 / Comments Off on Surprise Birthday Party

I’ve been as busy as a Social Butterfly here lately. I’ve gone to two, yes, count ’em, two, Birthday Parties. The first one was a Surprise Birthday Party for my First Cousin on Papa’s side.She celebrated the Big Six-Zero.—She doesn’t look a day over 44.As I said, it was a surprise party, and it took…

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I got up at 4 AM this morning.I asked my Amazon Alexa for the weather forecast.The Hi for today is 70 and the low tonight is 27.The “S” word is getting tossed around. Yes, we could have an inch of Snow at some point this weekend.Weather in the South can be weird. I have a…

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A Call From A Friend

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A good friend called me today. We go back a long way. As soon as I answered, he said, “Well dang. I just remembered that I already told you the story that I was gonna tell you…” So, I told him a story that I had not told him yet. Not one I can post…

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Daily Blog

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2/26/2022 —Daily Blog—2/26/2022 I slept well after getting home yesterday. I didn’t wake up until 5 AM.—6 AM EST, or “Cabin Time.” That’s about 17 hours of sleep. I let our Dawg “Tommy” outside and began the task of unloading the vehicle.I had taken Mom’s vehicle to the Cabin on this last trip because my…

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The Cabin – Update

By pwsadmin / February 22, 2022 / Comments Off on The Cabin – Update

—The Cabin— The Cabin could have caught fire. We were Blessed that someone was staying there.We were also Blessed with who was staying there—a friend. They arrived Thursday night. Everything was fine.Then, a wind storm along with snow came through during the night. When they woke up and started using the electricity, they noticed things…

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Cabin – Day 7

By pwsadmin / February 9, 2022 / Comments Off on Cabin – Day 7

—Cabin – Day 6— I had a slow day today. I slept through much of it. A good friend called, and we spoke for a good bit on the phone. Then, I went to the bottom of the mountain to talk to the fellas at the station.I stayed there chatting for about a half-hour. I…

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Spina Bifida – The Birds And The Bees

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—Spina Bifida And The Birds And The Bees— No two people born with Spina Bifida are the same. It affects everyone differently. When I was born, the doctors thought I wouldn’t be able to walk.After having my Spina Bifida repaired surgically, and it was safe to lay me on my back, my Mother would lay…

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Evening Blog 1/8/2022

By pwsadmin / January 8, 2022 / Comments Off on Evening Blog 1/8/2022

—Evening Blog 1/8/2022— What a great day it’s been. I met up with a friend of mine and gave him his Christmas Gifts. We then went to eat at our local “sit-down” restaurant named “The White House.”We spent over an hour catching up with one another. On my way home, I stopped off and got…

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