Popular – Part I

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—Popular, Part I— It was the later ’90s, and I was eighteen years old. I felt a bit empty inside during this part of my life.That’s when I realized I had never really had more than one or two friends at any particular time in my life. Anybody else I would “Hang out” with was…

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July 4th 2023

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Today, as I drove by someone’s yard, I saw people playing Bottle Rocket War.We played a lot of Bottle Rocket Wars when I was growing up. In fact, the whole week of July 4th was filled with “War Games.” Allowed “Weapons” during War Games were: Bottle RocketsSmoke BombsRoman CandlesBlack Powder rolled up in toilet paper…

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7/3/2023 – Journal Entry

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We’ve been going through a “Heat Wave” here in the South as of late.Each day for the past Week, we’ve had to bring all the dogs in. Even if they didn’t want to come in.It’s for their best. Each morning, the temperatures would already be in the ’70s, if not the ’80s, when I woke…

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By pwsadmin / June 28, 2023 / Comments Off on Grits

Grits; We Southerners love them.We take pride in our Grits too.You may or may not know what a “Grit” is, so I’ll tell you; It’s ground corn. That’s what I’ve been told, at least. Any “Old Timer” will tell you that the only thing you need to put in a bowl of Grits is Butter,…

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One Last Sermon

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—One Last Sermon— The date is 8/28/2022. I’m in North East Jefferson County.I pulled into the Church’s parking lot and stared at the building.Memories of a younger me ringing the Church Bell come rushing back.I didn’t want to attend today; I turned the vehicle off, got out, and began the slow walk inside.I adjusted my…

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“Otis” Neutered

By pwsadmin / June 17, 2023 / Comments Off on “Otis” Neutered

—Otis Neutered—The picture says it all…“Otis ‘The Dawg’” has gotten Neutered.He is not pleased with me at the moment, either. As I said, The picture says it all…

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Just Another Storm Part 2

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—Just Another Storm Part 2— The rain eased up as I pointed my truck toward home.And, by the time I pulled into the driveway, the rain had ceased. Anxious to get my Asparagus planted, I headed over to my Garden.With my Spade, I dug into the ground. The rain had made this part easy. Planting…

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Just Another Storm Part 1

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—Just Another Storm Part 1— It’s storming.The clouds are Dark Grey, with splashes of White here and there.Off in the distance, it’s even darker.The rain is pouring like Niagra Falls. I have my Hazard Lights on.Twelve miles per hour seems to be the fastest I can safely drive.“Ace Hardware;” Here I come. What I’m after…

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Bachelor Day 1

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The family, or the “Fam,” have successfully made it to the Cruise Ship and are out in the middle of the Ocean.I checked “Life360,” the app we use to keep up with one another, and it shows them all in the middle of the Ocean.Their Cell Service must be lagging because it shows Papa about…

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Bachelor’in It

By pwsadmin / June 7, 2023 / Comments Off on Bachelor’in It

“Well, I think that’s about the last of it,” I told Papa. “Now, remember, dogs, cats, and trash. And have fun,” Papa replied. “Son, I wish you were going with us,” Mom says. “Nah. I’ll be fine. Those boats have small bathrooms. I’ll enjoy being alone. I don’t want to see anyone for two weeks.…

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