Rest In Peace


We laughed.
That’s what I remember the most about you and me. We laughed.

You were 36 when we met. I was 20—twenty and just starting out in life.
You knew this world would swallow me up if you didn’t help me. So you did. You helped me. Helped me to guide my ship through the stormy seas of life.

Screw up after screw up, you’d let me come into your office, sit down, …and cry to you.
Then, we’d laugh.
We laughed so hard that tears would stream down our cheeks.
Then, we laughed some more.

You watched me grow from a bumbling 20-year-old into an adult. —Not only watched but Helped.

I’ll hold on to your advice until my dying day.
Until that day, I’ll pass along the wisdom you shared.
I’ll share it with others who come and cry to me.
And after they finish crying, we’ll laugh.
We’ll laugh so hard that tears will stream down our cheeks.
Then, we’ll laugh some more.

I’ll never forget you, Mrs. Croom.

I love you,


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