Do you play Word Games on your phone? I play one called “Wordscapes.”
The games give you a certain number of letters, and you have to make as many words as you can using those letters. They keep your Brain active.

I told Mom I needed to find something to help me improve my Writing Skills. She suggested “Scrabble.”
So, we bought the Board Game “Scrabble” to play at home.
It had been years since I last played.

I set the Board up, and Mom and I played our first game.
In the first game, however, we allowed mistakes and the Merriam-Webster Dictionary to be used without question.

We drew tiles to see who would go first. The person with the letter closest to the “A” goes first. I drew an “E,” and Mom drew an “N.”
So I went first.

The first word I lay down was “Air.”
It was a simple and good word to start the game with and begin the Family Tradition of playing Scrabble. As I laid down the tiles, I sounded like Winston Churchill, talking about the word “Air” and even mentioning Heaven and God when speaking about “Air.”
Mom lay down “Pit” using the “I” from “Air.”
“Whatcha got to say about that, ‘Winston?'”
To which I said, “Game on.”

After a while, your Brain does turn to mush. It becomes Mentally Draining. The longer the game goes on, the harder it gets. I even laid down the word “Abite.”
Mom said, “‘abite’ is not a word. Use it in a sentence.”

I smiled and said, “‘McGruff’ the Crime Dog says, ‘Take ‘abite’ out of crime.'”
Then I looked in the dictionary to find that “abite” isn’t a word.

When I say it’s mentally draining, I’m not kidding. We were only halfway through the game after an hour and a half of play. Eventually, I realized I could ask our “Alexa” Device about words. —And it turns out that Alexa knows her stuff.
I asked, “Alexa, is ‘Q-u-e’ a word?”

The Device, “Alexa,” replied, “‘Que’ is not a valid word to use in Scrabble.” Yes, Alexa apparently knew we were playing Scrabble. She is a good source when you have a Scrabble question; she knows her stuff.

The best word I played in the game was “Smitten.”
It was also on a Triple Word Score. I racked up the points on that word.

After all was said and done, Mom beat me by Seven Points.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I will make myself a sandwich and take “abite” out of it.

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