Blog 6/16/2024

By pwsadmin / June 17, 2024 /

It’s been a good couple of days here.The “Fam” returned home safely, which is the main thing.And I’ve gotten some things done with my “Disabled Garden.” So far, I’ve picked several Peppers.One Pepper, in particular, was bought from the Garden Section of Lowes and was not grown from seed like my other plants.It’s called a…

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By pwsadmin / June 11, 2024 /

My Vacation/Bacheloring is about over.In case you haven’t read previous posts, my Family went on a Vacation, and I stayed behind to “Bachelor” it for a bit.They reported that they were tired and ready to return home, and I’ll admit I missed them a bit. “The Dawgs” and I have had a great time.I was…

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The Front Porch

By pwsadmin / June 6, 2024 /

Sitting on the Front Porch is one of the Great things about living in the South.You’ve seen it on “The Andy Griffith Show.”Andy, Aunt Bee, and Opie just sitting on the Front Porch.Andy may pick the Guitar up to play it.Opie might be playing with Wooden Blocks.Yet, they sit there calmly and peacefully. Sometimes talking.…

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Majestic Pies

By pwsadmin / June 4, 2024 /

—Majestic Pies— Every Town should have a local joint to hang out at.A place where you can go to unwind, have a drink, eat some Great Food, and see your neighbors and friends. A place where you can Laugh, Sing, and Cheer for your team as you watch them play on the TV. Hug someone…

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Bachelorin’ It

By pwsadmin / June 3, 2024 / Comments Off on Bachelorin’ It

I’m Bachelorin’ it. The next few days, the “Fam” is out of town.They wanted me to go with them, but I’d rather stay behind and be by myself. It is nice that they really wanted me to go with them, and I feel bad for not going, but I enjoy being a Bachelor. —And being…

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June 1st 2024

By pwsadmin / June 1, 2024 / Comments Off on June 1st 2024

It’s minutes into June 1st of 2024.I woke early—a few minutes past midnight—with a headache.Not a bad headache. Just bad enough to wake me up and keep me from falling back to Sleep.I get my Laptop out to Journal. I have been sick the past week with “Thrush” and yeast infections.My Body seems to have…

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King Buffet

By pwsadmin / May 17, 2024 / Comments Off on King Buffet

After leaving my Doctor, I got into my vehicle and headed to get some Chinese Food to eat. I had badly been craving Chinese. It had to be a buffet, too. I didn’t want to order one item from a menu and be done. I wanted to fill my plate with several different foods and eat way too much. I…

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Medical Update 5/16/24

By pwsadmin / May 17, 2024 / Comments Off on Medical Update 5/16/24

Phew. This week has been busy. You may remember that I had to have my truck towed to my Cousins Automotive Shop for repairs. In the meantime, I drove a teenage girl’s car, which was filled with Pink Seats and a pink Steering Wheel. It smelled like a rainforest filled with Unicorns, Rainbows, and Cotton…

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By pwsadmin / May 13, 2024 / Comments Off on Updates

I know it has been a few days since I posted, and I hope you will forgive me for that. I’ll admit that I’ve seen better days. My Health is OK. It isn’t that. You may remember me posting about my Truck not cranking a couple of weeks ago. Then, it began working again, just…

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By pwsadmin / May 7, 2024 / Comments Off on Peppers

I have a lot of pepper plants planted. —Sweet, Banana, Jalapeno, etc. Three of them already had very large Sweet Peppers hanging on them. We have a Mexican friend who came to the house today. She has cooked authentic Mexican Dinners for us in the past, so I knew she would know about these Peppers.…

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