Medical Updates

—To Family and Friends Who Keep Up with My Health—

I’ve been swamped more than usual with Doctor Appointments as of late.
Nothing to worry about; the scheduling just worked out that way.
I see at least one Doctor every month—at least one.
Then, those Doctors want me to come back every three to six months.
Then, this being the first of the year, I have some yearly things that I have to get done this time each year.

I had two Doctor Appointments this week and three next week.
Then, the one appointment that I dread each year is coming up in February—my Spina Bifida Appointment.

The Spina Bifida Clinic has called me twice this week to confirm and communicate what to expect on the day of my appointment.
This year, the Spina Bifida Association of America will visit the Spina Bifida Clinic on the day of my appointment. The Association wants to interview or speak with each patient that day, which is a big deal. —I believe this will be the Clinic’s first visit from the Association. The Doctors and Nurses, as well as the rest of the Staff, are excited.
Of course, it makes me Nervous. Anxious even.

It’s an all-day appointment with a three-hour lunch break. But that lunch break could get moved around. They sometimes use that time to add other tests or squeeze in other appointments for the day. So, I never know how the day will go until I show up.

This is also the hardest appointment for me.
I know going into the appointment that I’ll be Walking into the Clinic while others can’t walk into the Clinic.
Some are in Wheelchairs, and some use Leg Braces. If her appointment is the same day as mine, I’ll see one Lady lying in a bed. She is Paralyzed from the neck down.
And I Walk into the Clinic after having driven myself there.
I feel out of place and don’t feel “worthy” of being around such courageous people.

I should get the results from my Renal Ultrasound next Thursday.
I would have gotten them sooner but had to reschedule that appointment.
I’ll keep you updated on the Results of that test, as well as the others, as soon as I can.

That’s all for now.

Love you,