This week, we’ve seen and felt some very low temps.

Most mornings started around 9 degrees. Cold.

The “Dawgs” have had to stay inside most of the time, only going out to use the restroom.

This week, though, that should change a bit.

We should see temps over 50 degrees and even get back into the 60s.

And that’s the latest Weather Report from yours truly.

Tonight, I noticed a suspicious vehicle in our Neighborhood.

I slowly followed it, leaving a good three or four hundred yards between us.

Several times, it pulled into someone’s Driveway and turned its lights off.

Then, as soon as I drove by, the lights would turn back on, and it would back out of the Driveway and go off in the opposite direction.

I would then turn around and slowly follow it.

One time, it turned down a dirt road, stopped, and turned its lights off. Then, as soon as I passed, the lights came back on, and it backed out and drove off in the opposite direction. I turned around and slowly followed it.

I called the local Police and reported the vehicle. Later, I pulled the Dashcam Video and told the Police I had it.

Maybe it was just some teens trying to mess with someone like me.

If it was a “cat-and-mouse” chase or some “hide-and-seek” game, it was the slowest, most boring “chase” ever.

Bottom line: It looked suspicious, and I reported it. 

I think it’s better to report it than wake up in the morning and find out something terrible happened in the Neighborhood and you had done nothing.

I have a Doctor’ Appointment tomorrow.

It’s with my Urologist, and I’ll get my Six Month Kidney Scan done.

That’s all for now.

Love you,