I know it has been a few days since I posted, and I hope you will forgive me for that.

I’ll admit that I’ve seen better days.

My Health is OK. It isn’t that.

You may remember me posting about my Truck not cranking a couple of weeks ago. Then, it began working again, just like that.

Well, I was driving back home yesterday when my Truck suddenly began smoking. It was coming from the engine.

I was in my driveway when this happened. I believe God allowed me to get back home. I put the Truck in Neutral, coasted into my parking spot, and parked.

I popped the hood, and smoke filled the air.

It looked like it was coming from the Alternator. I could be wrong.

I get my oil changed regularly and my tires rotated regularly. That’s the extent of my Vehicle Knowledge.

I have a Cousin on Papa’s side who owns a Repair Shop. I called him, and he had the Truck towed into his shop.

I now await his phone call with the bad news.

I am borrowing Mom’s car until I get through this.

It doesn’t stop there, though.

I took “The Dawgs,” “Otis, and Tommy” to the Vet today for a Heartworm Shot and a Check-up. I got bad news there as well.

“Otis The Dawg” does have Heartworms.

I explained that he was a Rescue, and I knew nothing about his life before he found me. 

Of course, I opted to treat him.

They said it is the early stages, and he is asymptomatic—whatever that means.

It’s a three-month treatment plan, and I have to keep him calm as much as possible. His Heart doesn’t need to race.

I’ll give him an antibiotic twice a day for the first month. This will weaken the Worm(s). 

Next, after he finishes his antibiotics, I’ll take him in for a Heartworm Shot. He will stay overnight for this procedure.

Then, in another month—this will be the third month—I’ll take him back for yet another Heartworm Shot. 

During all of this, he cannot play with the other dogs in the backyard. 

He has to stay calm. He can’t “run and play.” 

When I take him to use the restroom, I need to have him on a leash so he doesn’t run or play.

I also cannot take Otis for a ride in the Truck. 

Things such as rides in the Truck excite the dog, speeding up his heartbeat.

So, Otis will be spending the next three months inside with me.

I just hope he doesn’t think he’s getting punished. I hope he understands that something is wrong and must stay with me.

I know that sounds ridiculous.

I also have a Doctor’s Appointment with my Urologist tomorrow.

And that’s the latest for me.

Love you,


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