I have a lot of pepper plants planted. —Sweet, Banana, Jalapeno, etc.

Three of them already had very large Sweet Peppers hanging on them.

We have a Mexican friend who came to the house today.

She has cooked authentic Mexican Dinners for us in the past, so I knew she would know about these Peppers. She and I have talked about food a lot, and she showed up at just the right time.

I asked her if the Peppers were ready to pick, and she said they were.

She also showed me how to “pick” them off the vine so that another Pepper would begin growing in its place.

In all, I had five rather large Sweet Peppers.

She, being such a good friend of the Family, I offered them to her.

She wanted me to eat the first harvested Peppers but I told her that I wanted her to eat them.

I even told her that I wasn’t in the mood for Peppers right now.

She smiled, hugged and kissed me, and accepted the Peppers.

She promised that she would let me know how they tasted.

And as she drove off into the distance, I hung my head low. That’s because I all of a sudden wanted some Peppers.

I grabbed my hat, mumbled the words, “Figures this would happen,” and drove to the Local Mexican Restaurant.

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