At 5 AM, I awoke to “Tommy” needing to go outside. I take him and “Otis,” both outside.

Once back in, they lay down, and I decide to take a drive around the countryside. 

Wanting to be alone, I left “The Dawgs.” They were sleepier anyway.

The Book “1984” plays overhead as I drive.

I’m reading it and listening to it. —Not at the same time. I have it on “Audible” for driving in the truck.

Immediately into the Book, I knew it was a take on Hitler. Maybe even Stalin.

My belief is the Book “1984” is a “What if” Hitler had taken over the World.

Everyone is being watched all the time, even in your own Home.

The Slogan “Big Brother Is Watching You” is plastered everywhere. Even on products you buy from the Store.

The only Freedom you have is inside your head—Your mind.

The Book, to me, is clearly about “Totalitarianism.” —And that’s the first time I ever used that word.— Totalitarianism to the extreme. —That’s twice I’ve used that word now.—

Children run around playing “Thought Police” like I used to play “Cops and Robbers” when I was growing up.

They scream, “Traitor! Thought Criminal! I’m going to shoot you! I’m going to send you to the Salt Mines!”

The Children go to see Hangings all of the time. They love it. Their Parents take them to see Hangings like Families of Today go to see the Movies.

I drive on.

A Red Fox runs across the road.

I see a lot of Red Foxes on this Mountain. Either that or this one, Red Fox, gets around.

The Rabbits are all out.

A Mother Duck leads the way to the Pond, with her Ducklings following close behind. I counted Six.

I was probably supposed to read the Book “1984” in High School or College, but I didn’t.

In the Book, Cameras are everywhere, much like we have them at Red Lights and on City Blocks. In the Book, though, they are Everywhere—even in your Home.

I’m okay with Cameras as long as they are used correctly.

Cameras were instrumental in catching the “Boston Bombers.”

One Camera located inside a Local Business caught Key Evidence because the Camera had a perfect view of the outside through the Great Big Window Front. Cameras have brought many Criminals to Justice.

So, I’m good with them if they catch Terrorists or Bank Robbers.

But if I get a ticket in the mail because a Camera caught me running a red light, I’m going to be screaming, “Foul! This ain’t fair! You can’t be spying on me!”

On up the road, a Deer runs out in front of me. I stop and watch.

The Sky is getting Brighter.

I can’t yet tell if Clouds are in the Sky or not.

I turn off “1984,” tune the Radio to XM Channel 184, “Old Timey Radio,” and listen to the “Phil Harris and Alice Faye Show.”

I love Ol’ Phil Harris. He has some excellent Music CDs.

He was born in Indiana but grew up in Nashville. He sings many songs about the South. You should listen to him sing.

On another road, I’m met by a “Fat-Bellied Pig.”

He’s in the yard but watches as I drive by. He’s a Family Pet.

Pigs make great Pets.

Before I was born, my family had a Pig.

My Brothers loved him.

I hear my Late Brother Tony would ride on its Back.

Then, one day, the Pig was gone.

Dad told my two brothers that he had traded the Pig for some Bacon.

True Story.

I turn back onto my Street and head home.

Once in the Driveway, I unplug my phone and head inside.

And now I’m going to go look up the word “Totalitarianism.”

Have A Great Day

Love you,