Ground Zero Blues Club – Clarksdale Ms

By pwsadmin / November 30, 2022 /

—Last Stop——Ground Zero Blues Club— After seeing the Grave of Blues Legend “Robert Johnson,” going to “The Crossroads,” and learning more about “The Blues” than I ever knew, it was time to listen to some Blues. Real Blues. “Ground Zero,” located in Clarksdale, Mississippi, is known World-Wide for its Blues Music.Ground Zero is Owned by…

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Abes BBQ – Clarksdale Ms.

By pwsadmin / November 29, 2022 /

—Stop #3——Abes BBQ— My day had started at 5 am.We had driven over Four Hours and visited the Grave of Blues Legend “Robert Johnson” in Greenwood, Mississippi, and were now at “The Crossroads” in Clarksdale, Mississippi, and I was hungry for lunch. Abraham “Abe” Davis started his first business, “The Bungalow-Inn,” in 1924, where his…

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The Crossroads – Clarksdale Ms

By pwsadmin / November 29, 2022 /

—The Crossroads – Clarksdale, Mississippi——Stop #2— After leaving “Little Zion M.B. Church” in Greenwood, Ms. We headed toward Clarksdale, Mississippi. Specifically, “The Crossroads.”The trip to Clarksdale took around 45 minutes. There are several places thought to be “The Crossroads,” where “Robert Johnson” met the devil and sold his Soul in exchange for becoming a Master…

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Robert Johnson Grave

By pwsadmin / November 28, 2022 /

—Gravesite of Robert Johnson——Stop #1— We pulled into the Gravel and Mud parking lot of “Little Zion M.B. Church” in Greenwood, Mississippi. I had been in a “Writing Funk” and needed some inspiration, So my Older Brother, Dad, and I piled into my brother’s truck and took off to Greenwood and Clarksdale, Mississippi, on a…

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Mississippi Delta Update

By pwsadmin / November 26, 2022 /

What a day. I’ll wait ’till I return back home to write about this trip.Until then, I’ll just say it has been a good day. I’m currently in a Motel Room somewhere in Mississippi.If you know me, you know I enjoy Motel Rooms. Places such as “Motel 6” or “Days Inn.”My travel companions, My Brother,…

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After Thanksgiving

By pwsadmin / November 25, 2022 /

Another successful Thanksgiving. Guess what? We didn’t eat my Pecan Pies!We just realized it. We thought we did, but we didn’t. See, it turns out that someone else also brought two Pecan Pies, and we all ate those thinking they were the ones I made.Including me. Tonight, after most everyone had left, we found my…

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Three On A String – Sugar Creek Dinner Club

By pwsadmin / November 12, 2022 / Comments Off on Three On A String – Sugar Creek Dinner Club

—Three On A String – The Sugar Creek Dinner Club— Last night I went out with my Aunt and Uncle to the “Sugar Creek Dinner Club.” Sugar Creek Dinner Club, located deep inside Blount County, is a club for music lovers.To become a member, you must attend two events in the same season.And, with last…

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Rock Star

By pwsadmin / November 7, 2022 / Comments Off on Rock Star

I had to go play “Rock Star” today.Yeah, I’m a “Rock Star.”Some call me a “Super Star,” and I’ve even heard the term “Jukebox Hero.”I’m the “Lead Singer” and “Lead Guitarist” of the band—my band—The fans really come to hear me. Over One Hundred Thousand people had bought tickets to see my band and me.…

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Road Trip

By pwsadmin / October 22, 2022 / Comments Off on Road Trip

A busy but productive day today. The day started with me waking up early.Since I had plans for the day, I decided it would be best if I didn’t go back to sleep. I know from past experience that if I go back to sleep, I’m in danger of sleeping through my alarm clock. So,…

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Belated Birthday

By pwsadmin / October 9, 2022 / Comments Off on Belated Birthday

It was nice and cool outside this morning; The sun was out, as were a few clouds, but it was mostly clear. The sky was Dark Blue. And I felt Great.It was the perfect time to take “Tommy the Dawg” for a ride. “Tommy” loves to go for rides.As soon as he sees me with…

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