Dentist Visit

I spent some time today at the dentists’ office getting a temporary installed. (I like saying it like that)

I absolutely dread going to the dentist for things like this.
I’d much rather have to endure another surgery.

The dentist deadened my face so that he could perform the procedure.

I don’t mind shots at all—except in my mouth.
It’s not natural to lay there, watch a needle coming right at you, and then allow said needle into your mouth. It’s not natural.

They offer laughing gas, but I didn’t go that route.
Instead, I gripped the chair with my hands and allowed a needle into my mouth to shoot me up and deaden my face …

Afterward, I came home and waited for the feeling to return and then enjoyed a mashed-up potato.

That potato was delicious, though.

That is all for today.

Love you,


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