I had a great day today. I got up before daybreak and began moving around.

My Church had outside services today. I left the house by 8 AM to get there early.

The weather was overcast and cool. It reminded me of being in the great “Smoky Mountains.” I set my chair up and began reading the chapter the Preacher was to Preach on.

Even though we were outside, the Church could live stream the service; we could also pull the digital bulletin up on our phones and bring the lyrics to the hymns up as well. Technology is great.

Our Preacher, “Brother Steve,” was on fire Preaching Daniel-8 and Preached a great Sermon.
Afterward, we stood in a circle and Prayed as a Church. Also, grilled Hot Dogs got served to anyone who wanted a Hot Dog.

I got home and did some cleaning up in my room.

You may or may not know this but, due to my health, I had to move from my house in Huntsville, Alabama, back home with my family, and my bedroom has a lot of items from my house. So, it gets cramped. I have to clean often to keep clutter at a minimum. My medical supplies take up four tote boxes with lids. I replenish them monthly.

After that, I was wiped out and went to bed by 3 PM.
I then woke up at 9 PM.

Wide awake, I sat down here in my recliner and decided to write in my journal and my blog.

That is all for me today.

Love you,


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