A Good Day?

—A Good Day?—

The day started as usual.
Painfully, I got out of bed to begin the day.

Riding around in my truck in the morning helps with my pain.
I usually go through a drive-thru and get a Steak Biscuit, Tater-Tots, and a large Diet Coke.
Today was no different.

When I got to the fast-food joint, the line had twelve cars ahead of me.
It’s usually like that on Saturdays.
I waited in line while listening to some “Classic Rock.”
It’s still hard to believe that my music is now “Classic.”

I placed my order and waited to get to the window.
Once at the window, I paid and received my food. I noticed some kids were raising money for the local schools here, and I quickly got some cash to put in the bucket.

Once back on the road, I reached in the bag to get a tater-tot. I love eating those while riding around.
Instead of grabbing a tater-tot, I grabbed a bowl of “grits.”
Panicky, I reached around the bag for a tater-tot. But, unfortunately, all I found was a spoon and a bowl of grits. I had received the wrong order.

I was in no position to drive back and walk in to exchange my order, either.
See, I had on a pair of shorts, my white undershirt and a pair of suspenders. Oh, and shoes. No socks.

For anyone else, that might be okay, but for me, it isn’t.
See, my two ostomy bags hang out the bottom of my under-shirt.
“Lenny and Squiggy” are very easily seen and not hidden at all.

So, I pull off the road and eat my grits…
I hate plain grits.
This is going to make a few of you mad, but I put sugar in my grits.
But, today, I had no choice.
It was either wait in the drive-thru, Now, behind fifteen cars, place a new order, or eat the plain grits. So, naturally, I ate the plain grits. You may have handled it differently. I don’t know.

On my way back home, I played some of my “Classic Rock” songs and sang out loud.
Try it if you haven’t.
Roll the windows down, put a great song on, and sing it out loud.
Nothing gets your day back on track better and quicker than singing out loud.

It’s going to be a great day.

That’s all for now.

Love you,


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