A Stye In My Eye

♪There’s a Stye in my eye,♪ Sung to the tune of Hank Williams, “There’s a tear in my beer.”

I have never had a Stye in my eye or Pink Eye. Until today.

I woke up at about 5 AM and couldn’t open my left eye. It was swollen shut.
I immediately freaked out and looked in the mirror.
What I saw didn’t make me feel any better. I freaked out more.

“Mom! Wake up! My Spina Bifida has gone to my eye!” I said in a joking tone. I think I said it like that to make myself feel a little better. It didn’t make me feel better, though.

At 8 AM, I got in touch with my Doctor and Scheduled a telehealth video appointment.

The video appointment went well. I put my eye right up to the camera, and the Doctor could see everything very well.
I said to the Doctor, “It feels just like a sprained ankle in my eyelid…”
He laughed. That is how it feels, though. It is the same pain my left foot has at times, but this time it’s on the eyelid. Anyway…
So, I got told by the Doc that it was a Stye.
He then sent a prescription to my Pharmacy.

I was going to post a picture with this post, but it looks pretty bad.
Even scary.

I’ve been putting a Hot wet rag on my eye all day long.
I’ve also been putting the heating pad on my eye. The Doctor said the heating pad would be fine to use.

That’s all for now.

Love you,


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