Health Update 6/28/21

To everyone who keeps up with my health:

You may or may not know, but in 2019 I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes.

Since then, I’ve been put on medication as well as insulin, and I’ve been pretty good at keeping my blood sugar under control.

My average blood/sugar range is 105-110, which the doctor thinks is okay.

This weekend, however, it hit over 500 at times.

I watch my carb intake always.
I’m allowed 45 carbs per meal, and I know pretty well how many carbs I’m taking in when I eat something.
Unfortunately, I was unable to explain the rise in my Blood/Sugar levels.

So, my Endocrinologist let me come in today and give blood and urine samples for testing.
I also gave him my Blood/Sugar readings for the last seven days.

He is supposed to get back to me as soon as he knows what is going on.

I am thankful to have such an incredible medical team.
All of my doctors work closely with me and fit me in to see me on a day like today.

As soon as I hear something, I’ll let you know.

Love you,


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