I’ve gotten so many infections in my life that we decided that I needed one of those “Germ Killing” lights.

You can look them up.

After all, having fewer germs in my life couldn’t hurt and could help.

So, I got one.
… And, I love it.

I don’t know if it kills germs, but my bathroom and bedroom smell a lot more “Clean.”

It works like this:
You turn the light on, using a remote control, for an hour, and you run for your life. It is supposed to kill everything in the room.

It works so well that I decided to use it in my truck.

To do so, I had to leave my truck running because none of my electrical will work with the truck off.

I cranked the truck, used the remote, turned the germ-killing light on for an hour, and ran back inside.

I sat in my recliner and began watching TV.

My phone rings.
I open my eyes and knock over empty Diet Coke bottles to answer the phone.


Papa says, “Hey, you know your truck is out here running?”

“Yeah, I used that lamp to kill the germs.”

“Well, you used it last night too because your truck was running last night…”

I think, “Oh crap. It’s the morning …”

“Um, yeah. I used it twice. Once last night and once this morning …”

—I know, I know. I just lied. I’m coming clean now, though.

I grab my shirt and walk through the house.

“I’m gonna, um, run to the gas station and get some stuff. I’ll be back in time for Church.”

I get to my truck, and it is just a little bit above empty. But, just enough to get to the gas station … I think …

My A/C is no longer working …
I think, “That’s gonna cost 2000 dollars to fix …”

I get to the gas station, put in 17 gallons, and head back home without any A/C.

I do now know, however, how much gas gets used in twelve hours of letting my truck run sitting— a quarter of a tank.

I also know that it’ll burn your A/C out running it that long.

I have a cousin on my Papas side who is a mechanic and owns a garage. He is gonna shake his head and say, “Lynn, Lynn, Lynn.”

All of my family will say, “Lynn, Lynn, Lynn.”

—sorry, cousin Michael.

—Sorry, Papa.

In my defense, I was just trying to get fewer infections.
I just fell asleep …
I guess I should’ve set the alarm for an hour.

It is a costly lesson I’ve learned.

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