Morning Breakfast

It’s 11:20 AM here in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and I just walked back into my room from eating breakfast at the “City Cafe.”

“City Cafe” is a chain restaurant. We even had one in Huntsville, Alabama.
When I worked in Huntsville, I would walk over to the City Cafe to eat breakfast and lunch.

The City Cafe is connected to the place I’m staying, and by presenting my room key, I get a small discount.
Today I had a biscuit and gravy with bacon and hashbrowns—Coffee and water to drink.

One thing that the City Cafe is famous for is its desserts.
The dessert menu takes up three or four pages itself.

They have all types of cakes, pies, cannoli’s, cookies and more.

I brought three cannoli’s and one slice of coconut pie back to the room for me.
I put them into the mini-fridge and will eat them later when my blood sugar is lower.

For now, I am going to put the TV on a documentary and fall asleep.

That is all for now,

Love you,


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