Evening Update 5/20/21

Almost everyone staying here works during the day.
These are blue-collar workers.
One large group of guys who are staying here go around the Country laying pipe.

Each morning, beginning around 5 AM, the guys start coming out and packing their things, such as lunches, into their work trucks and leaving.
It continues until about 6:30 AM.

Then, beginning around 4 PM, they make their way back to their rooms, where many of the guys will bring a chair outside, and they’ll sit around and talk about their job, wives, and children— Life.
By 8 PM, most are back inside their rooms, and the next day, it starts again.

I overheard one of the bosses telling the guys that they will be working somewhere else by Wednesday.
It sounds like their whole life is traveling from Jobsite to Jobsite.

After the boss goes back to his room, the guys go back to talking about their lives.

“I’ll be glad when I can get back to my wife…”

“Yeah, I can’t wait to see my kids.”

All of this is happening while I get more medical supplies out of my truck.

I must be staying close to a distribution center because I keep seeing 18-wheelers carrying “Amazon” trailers. A lot of UPS diesel trucks pass by as well.

I’m going to get in the shower and head over to “Waffle House” to get some food.

That is all for now.

Love you,


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