Peein’ Blood

—Funny Story

Many years ago, I received an artificial sphincter muscle.
The surgery was successful, and the artificial sphincter muscle was a big game-changer for me.

Shortly after the surgery, I was sent home with a Foley catheter inserted in my urethra. The Foley catheter was connected to a Nighttime Urine bag. The urine bag had a hook on it so you could hang it on the side of the bed. I hung mine on the handle of my Chest of drawers.

One night, I was lying down, watching TV, when all of a sudden someone starts opening up the window of my bedroom. I look, and I see a person coming in my window. Scared, I jump out of bed and take off running, when all of a sudden, my Foley Catheter pulls tight and snatches me all the way back to the chest of drawers where my urine bag was hanging.

Talk about pain!

My brother comes in the window and shouts, “GOTCHA!”

I was peeing blood for the next two days…

It’s tough growing up the youngest of three boys.

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