A Bad Morning

—A Bad Morning—

I woke at 3 AM EST.

My Spinal Cord was in pain as usual. However, this particular pain only happens every six months or so.

I get up, and immediately, my Spinal Cord bends me over— Literally.
I can’t stand up straight when it’s like this.
It proves to me, once again, that my Brain and Spinal Cord are in charge of this body.

I take a hot shower.

I’m having acid reflux and stomach pains.
Usually, Alka-Seltzer or Pepto will help this, but I didn’t bring any.
I realize I have to go to a Pharmacy to get some items.
I get ready and slowly make my way to my truck.

Upon getting outside, I see that’s it’s snowed up here above the snow line.
Not much. It didn’t even stick to the pavement. My truck has some snow on it, though.

I get inside and crank my truck and turn on the heat.

“Suspense” is playing on the Old-Timey Radio Channel.
I make my way down the mountain.

It’s nearly 4:30 AM at this point, and the streets are empty. Gatlinburg is a Ghosttown.

At this time, I think that Wal-Greens or CVS will not be open, and I’ll have to stop at a Gas Station.

The Gas Stations in Gatlinburg are closed. So, I make my way over to Pigeon Forge and stop at the first gas station that is open.

I buy:
and walk back to the truck.

I chug some of the Pepto and pour half the water out of the water bottle that I bought. Then, I put the two Alka-Seltzers into the bottle and let it dissolve.
I chug the water.

Within a few minutes, I’m feeling better. So good that I’m thinking about Breakfast.
I decide to head back to the Cabin, though and get Breakfast later in the morning.

Right now, I’m in my seat and watching TV, and I decided to Journal the events of the morning.
I’m still swigging my Pepto. But, finally, I’m starting to walk upright again.

That’s all for now.

Love you,