To The Cabin

—Quick Trip To The Cabin—

The last family to rent the cabin checked out on Saturday, and the next family coming in called and canceled.

It was a Blessing in disguise, though.

It allowed Papa to get a plumber to come out and check on the new field lines and septic tank.
The Plumber will arrive Tuesday. So, I’m driving up today to meet with him.

The next Family checks in on Thursday, which means I must be gone by Wednesday. So, it will be a quick trip. I might be able to go out to eat for dinner on Tuesday night. Other than that, I probably won’t have time to go out.

I have packed a small suitcase with just a few things.
However, I still have to pack enough medical supplies to last three weeks.
I know that sounds like overkill but trust me; I have many years of experience at this, and I know that anything can happen—Ever watched “Planes Trains and Automobiles?” —If I should get stranded, I’ll have my supplies.

I ran by the Pharmacy and picked up my insulin and the antibiotic that I am to take with me whenever I go on a trip.
I used my last bottle of antibiotics up after I got the stents in my Kidneys.

I’m going to take it slow getting up there, leaving after 11 PM.

I’m getting in the shower now.

That’s all for me.

Love you,


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