Book Vending

It weighs Five Hundred and Fifty pounds.
The dimensions? 76 x 45 x 31.5.
The cost is $4795.

When it first came across my laptop’s screen, I paused and asked, “What in the world is that?”
I looked closer. I zoomed in on the picture.
And I had to know more. I clicked the link.

Schools all over have been purchasing them for their Library.
The kids love ’em.

What is it?
A Book Vending Machine.
Insert a token, pick out your book, et voilà! Your book drops to the bottom.

It takes “Tokens” instead of money.
You can configure each slot to take one token or more.
So, a more expensive book might cost two tokens, while a less expensive book could cost one.

I would have liked this when growing up.
We didn’t have the internet or “Books A Million.”
Buying an assigned book for a class was a hassle back then, and this would have made things much simpler.

And I’m sure it makes things simpler still nowadays.

Imagine having a Vending Machine full of all the books on the assigned reading list available in one spot within the school itself.

We’ve come a long way.

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