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Best Western

By pwsadmin / May 19, 2021 /

I left the cabin early in the A.M. today and decided to stop off in Chattanooga to stay at a “Best Western.” I do so love the old drive-up motel rooms.—The kind where you pull right on up to the door of your room. I have a big bed, fridge, microwave, TV, and all the…

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White plate with toast hashbrown and egg

Late Night Meal

By pwsadmin / May 15, 2021 /

I drove to an all-night diner tonight. It’s Friday night…—the place is packed. Being alone, I grabbed a seat up front. My waitress, “Ms. Becky,” was supposed to get off work at 9 PM.It’s now 9:15 PM EST. She’s talking to a co-worker as I sit down. “I guess I ain’t getting out anytime soon…

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Group of doctors having a discussion

You Can Walk?

By pwsadmin / May 14, 2021 /

You may or may not know, but I’ve had over thirty surgeries and procedures. I’d say the same surgical team performed the last ten. Many times, surgical students would “sit in” on my surgery.They are only there as an observer. There is one surgical student I remember well.We will call him “Travis.” “Travis” sat in…

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Dwarves with the number 5 candle

First Memory

By pwsadmin / May 9, 2021 /

One of the first memories of my life on this earth was in 1980. I even know the day— October 7th. Mom had brought me home from daycare. My brother Tony met us in the driveway and wanted me to go with him over to the dog pens. Tony was one of my two brothers.…

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Snow-covered trees and vehicle tracks in the snow

Frost Bite

By pwsadmin / May 9, 2021 /

Mom didn’t have an operator’s manual for her son, me, born with Spina Bifida. She and I had to figure it out as we went. A mom can scare the fire out of a child to get him or her to learn a lesson. And I think it’s a good tool for them to have…

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