Countdown To Trip

—T-Minus 24:00 —

In 24 hours, we should be on our way to Mt. Airy, NC.

I have double and triple-checked my medical supplies to ensure I have everything I will need.

Still, I’m a bit anxious.

It’s because I’m worried I will forget something.

For example, and I use this example a lot, I connect my urostomy bag to a nighttime urine bag at night before going to bed.

It’s because my urostomy bag only holds about 400cc of liquid.
But, I put out over 2000cc of fluid during the night.
So, I have to connect my urostomy bag to a nighttime urine bag that holds over 2000cc of liquid.

To connect, I have to use a little bitty connector.
Without that connector, I’m up the creek without a paddle.
I’ll post a picture of the connector.

Long story short (too late), If I forget anything, I’ll have to turn around and come back to get it. It’s happened before.
So, I worry.

I have a checklist of everything I need, and I’ve packed everything on the list.— I still worry, though.

Our check-in date for our room in Mt. Airy is on the 15th.
So, we will drive about five hours tomorrow and then get a room for the night.
Then, on the 15th, we will head on to Mt. Airy, NC.

I have called and verified that they still have our reservation. I also confirmed that the room does have two beds in it.

Overall, I’m super excited to get on the road.
I’d leave today if I didn’t have a doctor’s appointment.

It is now T-Minus 23:00

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