New Luggage For Trip

Happy early Birthday to me.

The luggage that momma and Papa bought for my Birthday arrived today.

I eagerly took it out of the box and began packing my new suitcase.

I had some items in my old suitcase that I needed to take out.
When I opened my old suitcase, a pamphlet was staring me in the eyes.
It was a pamphlet from my last trip to Mt. Airy, NC.
“Miracle Salve” is what it was promoting. We had bought several jars of the stuff on our last trip.
I smiled while reading about the “Miracle Salve.” It was like getting a sign that the trip was going to be a good one.

The luggage came in three pieces.
One suitcase, the middle-sized suitcase, went to my Niece.
I kept the large and small suitcases for me.

For my trip, I will only need one suitcase.
Everything else will go in my medical box that contains all of my medical supplies.
I will also take my emergency hospital bag in case of an emergency.

Thank you, momma and Papa, for the luggage. I love you.

This trip is coming together.

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