Diabetes Hiccup 9/27/2021

—Diabetes Hiccup—

I’ve been working on something pretty exciting for me. I don’t want to go into it here, right now, but I’m Praying something comes of it.

So, with that in mind, I was pretty busy the first part of today.
So much so that I think I might have ignored my diabetes a little bit.
I’m still pretty new to diabetes. I think I’ve had it for three years now. The pandemic is throwing me off. I keep forgetting about the year 2020. I feel like I’ve had diabetes for only two years because I feel like 2020 didn’t even happen. If I count 2020, I think I’ve had it for three years now.
What I do know is that I got up around 5 AM this morning. I took my meds which include my diabetes medications, including insulin.

Before leaving the house, I had a sweet tooth. That should have gotten my attention. I don’t get sweet tooths in the morning.
I ate some donuts.
Around 8 AM, I leave the house.

I think around 11:30 AM; I was back in my truck heading home.
I checked my blood sugar, and it was in the ’70s. That isn’t normal for me. I usually stay around 105.
When this happens, I get a sweet tooth. It’s my body telling me it needs sugar. So I go thru a drive-thru.
I get a drink and a bite. I’m feeling fine again.

I do remember having a snack between lunch and dinner.

Around 5:00 PM, dinner is on the table, and mom gives the word, “Dinner’s Ready!” So we all come out of our rooms and meet at the table.
Papa says the Blessing.
At about that time, I begin shaking. I take my blood sugar, and it’s 66.
I throw some potatoes on my plate and start shoving potatoes in my mouth. Potatoes are carbs. Suitable for bringing blood sugar up.

A few minutes go by, and I scan the chip on my arm to get my sugar levels. Now, it’s 59.
I ask mom for some of her “Sweet Tea.” Her secret is 400 cups of sugar and just a little bit of tea. I drink a glass.
I’m getting cold sweats and still shaking. So I also drink a glass of lemonade.

I scan myself again, and I’m now at 57.
Anything below 70 is low. Too low.
I know that I’ve taken in enough sugar and carbs to take my blood sugar above 300. —I figure it’s just taking a while to get into my system.
The shakes calm down, and I go ahead and finish my meal.

I tell Papa that we need to plan to call 911 or go to the danged hospital if I can’t get it under control.

Thirty minutes later, it’s at 186. It should be at 300, though. I took in mom’s famous sweet sugar with tea, lemonade, potatoes, bread, to name a few of the things I took in.
Forty-five minutes later, it’s already coming back down. It’s at 165. It’s dropping about a point a minute.

I decide not to take my nighttime diabetes medicines. I wanted to talk to my doctor first. I’ll call him tomorrow.

Now, I don’t want you to think that all I did was scan the chip in my arm.
I did finger pricks and checked blood as well. It was still out of whack.
I know it was out of whack because I was sick. I had cold sweats and was shaking.

As I type, it’s at 150.
It’s not dropping a point a minute anymore. But, I also didn’t take my diabetic meds.

I had a great day, though. It was a great day.
Just a minor hiccup.
I’ll check it in the morning and call my doctor.

That’s all for now.

Love you,



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