Diabetes Update

—Diabetes Update—

I prick my fingers and draw blood to keep up with my Blood Sugar levels throughout each day. My fingertips are raw and hurt all the time because of all the “Pricking.”
Seriously, I check my blood sugar around six times, if not more, each day.

When I returned home from Gatlinburg the other day, Papa had picked up my Prescriptions from the Pharmacy.

Unbeknownst to me, my Diabetes Doctor had sent a Prescription in for me to start using the “FreeStyle Libre” system. I was so happy.

With the “FreeStyle Libre” system, I attach a device on the back of my arm and scan it, using the handheld reader, to get my Blood Sugar numbers.

The reader keeps track of everything.

I can now scan myself all I want without having to Prick my fingers.

If it’s High, I can make a note on the handheld device that I gave myself some fast-acting insulin.
If it’s low, I can make a note that I ate some food or drank something to bring my blood sugar back up.

My doctor will be able to see all of this when I go back to see him.
In return, he’ll be able to better care for me. It’s a win-win.

I and my fingers are a lot happier.