Health Update

To All Who Keep Up with My Health

I got to the heart doctor at 9:45 AM.

The place was busy, but they had it under control because right at 10:00 AM, they called me back.

My nurse asked me if I had drunk anything with Caffeine this morning.

I said, “Um, yeah. Lots. I’ve had lots of Caffeine. I mean, I drank day-old Coffee, then made another pot and drank it.”

She then asked, “Did you take your diabetes medicine?”

“Yeah, I took all of my medicines.”

“Did you happen to read the instructions we sent you in the mail?”

“Oh… Well… See… I’ve been in Gatlinburg for the last fifteen days, and I really just got back, and I haven’t gone thru any of my mail yet. —I figured it was just bills.”

So, it turns out that I wasn’t supposed to take my diabetes medicine this morning, nor was I supposed to take in any caffeine.

My appointment got rescheduled for October 12th.

I asked if I could do the treadmill, and she asked me to walk for her so she could watch me walk.
I did.
She said, with your “Gait,” I can’t let you on the treadmill. That’s why the doctor ordered the Nuclear Tests.

I apologized over and over for me not looking at my mail.

They said it happens all the time, and I’m the third person that they’ve had to reschedule this week.

That’s all for now.

Love you,