I woke at 6 AM CST. This morning.

I sleep with a nighttime urine bag.
It holds 4000cc of output and has a good 6-foot hose that runs from the bag to my Urostomy, “Squiggy.”

I drag myself out of bed. Say “Ouch” several times as I get up and head into the Kitchen.
My bag drags behind me on the floor as I walk into the Kitchen.
The cats try to chase the bag as I drag it behind me.

I get to the percolator and plug it in.
The coffee inside is from yesterday, but it’s a good bit of coffee, and it’ll do for today. It comes out extra strong, which I’m good with.

Today, I have to be at the doctor’s office by 10 AM, so I’m trying to get moving around and loosened up before I take my shower and head out.

I’m on my third cup of coffee now.
Afterward, I’ll get in the shower and try to get this day started.
I’m dragging, though.

…And dragging my pee bag behind me…