Gatlinburg Bypass

—Gatlinburg Bypass—

I went over to Pigeon Forge today. I may write about it, and I may not.

On my way back, though, I took the “Gatlinburg Bypass.”

If you’re ever up here and get the chance, I implore you to take the Gatlinburg Bypass. It has some of the most beautiful views of this whole area.
So beautiful that the City even built several spots on the side of the road, where you can Pull Off, get out, and take pictures.

I’m about four car lengths behind the couple in the truck in front of me.
I can tell they’re a couple.
Seeing the hand gestures in the cab of that truck, I can even tell what they are saying.

The woman keeps shoving her camera in front of his face, while he tries to drive, and is taking pictures of the scenery out of his driver-side window.

He is clearly saying, “Hun, you want me to pull off so you can get a better picture?”

“No. I’m fine shoving this camera in front of your face and getting these pictures thru your driver-side window.”

“Hun, I can pull off right here, and we can get out and get some great pictures.”

“No. We’ll be late getting to ‘Donna and Jerrys.’ So I’ll just put my camera right here, in front of your face, and grab a few more shots out your window.”

“Hun, we won’t be late; I’ll just pull off, and you can snap a few pics real quick…”

“No. You’re doing fine. Just keep driving, and I’ll keep getting these great pics out of your window by placing my camera right in front of your face…”

At which point, I realize that I have sped up just to see what’s going on in the cab of their truck and if he wrecks, I wreck also…

So, I slowed down and dropped back about a hundred yards.

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