9/9/2021 Cabin Updates

Not much to report today.

I did drive by the “Sky Bridge” and “Anakeesta.”

Both were full of people.

I sat and thought about everything going on in our life right now.
We’ve had another friend of the family pass away from COVID. He was Papa’s good friend.
We also have two friends of the family in the hospital with COVID right now. The last two are from my hometown and are around my oldest brother’s age.
So, I didn’t get out with the crowds today.

It stormed here last night, and the base of the brand new American Flag that I hung got twisted around in the winds and broke off.
It just so happened that I had another base. This time though, I drilled an extra hole in it and put one extra screw in it. Hopefully, that will hold it up in high winds.

I did go ahead and pack a few things back up. —Things that I won’t need from here on out.

I also ran to the bottom of the hill and bought two small 12 ounce bottles of 2% milk—it’s for my midnight bowl of cereal. That should get me through Saturday night.

That’s all for now.

Love you,


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