Gladys And The Cubs

—Bears—Gladys and The Cubs—

I got a lot of things done at the Cabin today.

Yes, Sir, I bought 64 Dollars worth of shelves and cleaned out the “Owners Closet.”

I’ll tell you what, the owner’s closet was just a mess.
Things piled up Five Feet High.

I took everything out and began putting in the shelves.

By the time I finished, everything was off the floor and either on the shelf or hanging on the wall.

I was then changing out the outside floodlights when I heard something walking thru the woods.

I looked down off the porch, and there was a Momma Bear and her three Cubs.
I’ve named her “Gladys” and call them “Glady’s and the Cubs.”

If you know me, you know that I usually name any Momma bear “Gladys.”

Gladys was tagged. You could see the Orange tag hanging off her ear.

The cubs were having a great time.—Wrestling, licking, and jumping on each other right before my eyes.

I didn’t bother them. —Just watched.

I then finished changing out the floodlights and came back inside.

I’m now sitting and watching “The Andy Griffith Show.”

So far, it’s been a great day.

Love you,



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