Health Update 11/9/2021

—Health Update—

I haven’t posted much since getting my stents placed in my Kidneys.

I got my stents on Wednesday.
Everything was going fine and, yes, my Kidneys were a bit sore but nothing I couldn’t handle.

Then, on Friday, I became ill.
My symptoms were:

Temperatur of 100.4
Cold Sweats
Head felt “full” (If that makes sense)
Nasal Drainage
The Shakes
All Around Crummy Feeling

I immediately called my doctor, but it was already after office hours.—I left a message.

I felt like I was getting the Flu or the “Crud.”
I took a home COVID test, which has been right on the money for my family thus far, and it came back Negative.

I began taking my antibiotic just in case my body had an infection.
I kept a very close eye on my body’s temperature.

I spoke to my doctor’s office during this time, and they also felt like my symptoms were more Flu-like than having anything to do with the stents getting placed in my Kidneys.

By Monday, my body was feeling a lot better, and my temperature was back to normal.

Today, Tuesday, my Kidneys are no longer sore, and I feel fine.
I’m guessing that I had a 48-hour bug.

During the whole process, I kept a very close eye on my body’s temperature to make sure it did not hit 101.
101 is the magic number for me.
If my temperature ever hits 101, I’m to go to the hospital.

I used three, yes three, different thermometers to check my temperature.
And at no time did I go over 100.4.
If my kidneys had gotten an infection from the stents, my temperature would have hit 101.

As I said previously, I’m guessing I had a 48-hour bug.

That’s all from me.

Love you,



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