A Busy Day 11/11/2021

—A Busy Day—

It’s been a pretty hectic day for me today.

I had two doctor appointments.
The first was just a check-up where I found out that everything was fine as far as my Stent procedure went.
In Fact, I’m putting out more urine through my Urostomy than I used to put out before getting the Stents.
That could very well mean that my Hydronephrosis will get better. But unfortunately, I’ll have to wait until my next Kidney Scan before I find out.

Next was a visit concerning my Ulnar Nerve and my “Tennis Elbow.”

In 2019, I had surgery on the Ulnar Nerve in my Right Arm.
Now, in 2021, my Left Arm is doing the same thing.
It’s from typing my journals so much.
In Fact, I’ve typed over Two-Million words since January of 2016. It’s true.

This time, though, instead of operating on the Ulnar Nerve, the doctor will give me a shot in the left arm to ease the pain. Then, two weeks later, I’ll get a shot in my right arm. They cannot do both arms during the same procedure.

Both arms have been killing me, thus keeping me from typing as much.

When I arrived back home, mom and a friend were putting up the Christmas Trees. Yep, plural.
This year we will have three Christmas Trees.
We always have a large gathering at Thanksgiving, and mom wanted the trees to be up in time for Thanksgiving.

We had Christmas music playing and “White Christmas” playing on the TV.
We have one more tree to decorate tomorrow. I’ll then post pictures.

All in all, it was a busy yet, Happy day.
I hope yours was too.

That’s all for now.

Love you,



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