Morning Drive 11/12/2021

—Morning Drive—

I got up around 4:30 AM with my usual Spina Bifida related pain.

I did my usual thing and went for an early morning drive.
Something about that drive makes me feel better.
Maybe it’s the position that my driver’s seat is in. Perhaps it’s the Old-Timey-Radio shows that I listen to. Maybe it’s the wildlife. Maybe it’s all of it together.
All I know is that it does make me feel better.

We live on a mountain that used to get called “Rattle Snake Mountain.”
That name doesn’t sell houses, though. So, the mountain has a proper name. —It is full of Rattle Snakes, though.

The mountain was foggy this morning, and the wildlife was not out in numbers like it usually is, but it was still a nice drive.

There is an owl that I see from time to time. It sits on the fence post overlooking a large field.
Every time I drove by, the owl’s body was facing the field, and the owl’s head was turned completely around and watching me as I passed by. It was a bit creepy.

Mr. Owl was there the first time I passed by, so I decided that I would get a picture on my next pass. He was gone on my next pass, though.
I’ll get a picture the next time I see Mr. Owl.

Around 6 AM (yes, I drove around that long), I ran across the “Duck Family.” And, they were out in numbers today. I’m guessing that there’s twelve in all.
I did stop my vehicle to allow them to cross the road.
Since I was stopped, I decided to snap a few pictures of them.

I’m back at home now and about to pour another cup of coffee.

Good Morning, All.

That’s all for now.

Love you,


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